Disable Right Click w/ Vault

Disable Right Click w/ Vault

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#1 AntiTheft Protection App. Protect your Images, Text & Code!

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Protects Your Images

Stops dragging and dropping to save images, keyboard shortcuts, and right clicks on the client to prevent image theft.

Protects Your Text

Stops copy/paste, right clicks, and keyboard shortcuts to prevent blatant text theft and protect your written work.

Logs Custom Legal Notice

Vault will automatically log your custom legal copyright theft warning as a custom alert on prohibited shortcuts/activity

关于 Disable Right Click w/ Vault

The Problem

  • Anyone, including your Competitors, can easily copy-paste your site content in most modern browsers and then claim it as their own.
  • Content is King, and having your text and images displayed on other sites may lower your SEO score - lowering your search rating, and losing potential customers and profits.
    • Copyright suits are lengthy and expensive.

The Best Solution

  • Vault will protect your website's content against the most used exploits in modern web browsers and show you the quality of our Apps.

Active with 1 Click

  • Vault will immediately activate upon installation and be loaded upon every request to your site. Say goodbye to the easy exploits of the past!


  • Desktop & Mobile Support: Choose different protections for different clients
  • Protects Images: Disables right clicks, "Save As", drag/drop to save
  • Protects Text: Disables copy-paste, highlighting, and context menu
    • Disables Keyboard Shortcuts: Disables save-page, copy and paste shortcuts
    • Disables "Save As" & "View Source" Menu
    • Logs a Custom Legal Notice
    • Built-In Protections for the Javascript Developer Console

Please note, the "Legal Protection" in Vault's listing refers to the app's customizable Legal Notices to help protect your copyright and ward off potential thieves.








4.8 评分


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Cette application marche nickel, rien à redire, un must have !
Il protège les images et le texte des voleurs de contenus.


Thank you so much for making this app free! It really helps us out as a small business. We have been worried about copycat businesses taking our designs for a while, and this adds an extra level of protection to our watermarked images. Much appreciated....

527 Photo

This app worked great at disabling right click on images and text but when I needed to enable images to be saved, the app did not work. I even tried disabling the master switch and that didn't work. So I deleted the app and the site was still not allowing anything to be saved. So, I found the script in the theme.liquid and deleted it. Still does not allow me to right click to save images or text, though text is now saveable if a keyboard shortcut is used. I'm having to hire a developer to fix the issue. This app is free because it doesn't work well. Don't get it.



Hey 527 Photo Team,

I am sorry to hear this. The development team just reviewed your site and discovered that Vault is not causing this issue, but, instead, a custom-installed script. I just emailed you a detailed report and how you can fix the issue.

If you could please reconsider this review, we would really appreciate it. We work very hard to make sure our software works as well as possible.

Thank you,