Veeper: Smart Discounts

Veeper: Smart Discounts

door Veeper

Increase Loyalty, Sales & Add-to-Cart Rate

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Increase add-to-cart rate

Veeper nudges your customers into adding more items to the cart. Gamify shopping and watch your sales grow.

Apply the optimum discount

Auto-apply the smallest discount that gets each customer to buy more. Never have to think about or create promo codes and discounts again.

Stop overspending on discounts

Why offer a 30% discount when the shopper would still buy with a 12% discount? Discounts are single-use and personalized to each customer.

Over Veeper: Smart Discounts

Increase your Add-to-Cart rate

Veeper nudges your customers to add more items to the cart. More items added to the cart = more sales.

Each time a shopper adds an item to the cart, they’ll see their discount increase!

Veeper’s app connects to your store’s checkout cart and auto-calculates the optimum discount that gets them to buy more - using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This discount is applied automatically at checkout!

What you get by partnering with Veeper

  • Add-to-cart push notifications
  • Automatic incremental discount checkout cart
  • Customer spending & cart analytics
  • Custom branding
  • Unlimited customers

Unlimited shoppers are automatically enrolled

Track, manage, and reward each customer based on their spending habits and loyalty.

Increase sales & profit

Shoppers add more items to their cart to see their discount increase, resulting in higher sales.

Protect your profit

All customer promo codes are personalized and single-use.

Veeper does all the work for you (in the background)

Gone are the days of customer management, calculating discounts/promo codes, and wondering if that ‘SUMMERSALE’ promo code actually worked.

Veeper uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology to calculate the optimum discount - at the optimum time - for each of your customers based on their spending habits, retention, and loyalty.

How does it work?

Veeper will integrate with your store in just a few minutes. Your products will automatically upload into your store’s loyalty program .

Shoppers shop like normal. Veeper auto-calculates and applies the optimum discount that gets them to buy more - in seconds.

Sell more and increase profit! When customers come back and shop more often, their discount will increase, but only if your store is making more money.

We constantly analyze your customers shopping behavior to figure out how much discount they’ve earned.

Watch your sales, profit and customer loyalty grow with Veeper!




Gratis te installeren

2.5% commission fee on each sale a customer applies their Veeper discount (e.g. Sale of a $60 shirt = $1.50 commission)

5.0 van 5 sterren

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If you are looking for an user friendly app to optimize your sale, this one is IT! Glad I added this app to my store.

Alec Davis

GAME CHANGER. Veeper has already helped grow my online sales and recurring customer rate. I am so glad I found this app.