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2023년 5월 19일

Great app backed up with great support. Any queries I've had with the features and functions of the app have been answered the same day by helpful agents.

SGS Model Store
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2023년 3월 27일

For us the Veeqo app allows the team to work in the warehouse more efficiently, without the need for piles of paper to cross check. The stock feature is especially good as it has greatly improved our accuracy and speed of checking.

Executive Shaving
앱 사용 기간 6개월
2023년 4월 19일

Excellent app and equally supportive team. It does everything I need and more. I've had no issues with the software and the team are responsive whenever I have a question. I cannot fault either the product or the support. Brilliant!

Ocean Pads
앱 사용 기간 대략 2개월
2023년 4월 20일

Beautiful user face, the app is great for syncing Amazon stock if you’re listing items manually.

Reporting is better than Shopify’s default reports, too.

SA22 Fashion Ltd
앱 사용 기간 대략 2개월
2017년 2월 3일에 편집됨

Veeqo is the best app around for integrating your stores and Royal Mail. I have been using it for 2 years now and it has greatly reduced our admit time!! The software is constantly evolving and there are always new features. I definitely recommend!

Wink Designs
앱 사용 기간 8년 초과
2017년 2월 24일

Superb service, the best quality support we have seen from a company. Everyone in the business truly cares about the customer. Been using for 6 months now and had not 1 issue. Has completely transformed the way we operate and the speed we can process orders. 6 stars please.

Phixclothing Com
앱 사용 기간 6년 초과
2014년 10월 9일

Love the team, love the app, love that everything we've asked they've been able to help with or build for us. No fuss, just great results. Would highly recommend Veeqo to everyone!

Organic Surge
앱 사용 기간 대략 6년
2023년 3월 24일에 편집됨 has been using the Veeqo shopify plugin for the last 4 months. The main reason for us joining Veeqo last year was to solve our problem with the royal mail shipping labels. Because we sell on Amazon, Ebay and Shopify we had a range of different shipping labels from each platform, and we wanted to ingrate these systems together. Using the Veeqo system we achieved we a much more professional finish to our product. The shipping label has a 2d barcode with all the address essential information. We have removed our old paper invoicing and replaced it with electronic, with the shipping labels supplied from the royal mail and printed through a thermal we have reduced our printing charges by 80%. Veeqo is a great system that is going to help our business in a number of ways’;

inventory management is also another key system that we have in operation. As we have over 500 products SKU’s is essential to have an operating system that is tracking the progress of sales per item, and helps a great deal when we need to look in detail into the product history.

Setting up Veeqo was quite simple as the Veeqo team are very helpful and quick to sort out problems.

I would recommended Veeqo all online businesses as the data you receive and service is top class. Thank you veeqo for all your hard work !

Rene Harwood
Fitness Health

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2017년 1월 21일

It would still be beneficial to use Veeqo with Shopify if this was your only channel. However, Veeqo comes into its own when you sell on other platforms and/or have other websites.

Managing inventory when selling on more than one platform is a nightmare. There is a significant danger of over selling which can only end in customer dissatisfaction.

Inventory management is key - but the outstanding feature that Veeqo offers is shipping and managing dispatch.

We sell on 3 of our own websites as well as eBay and Amazon. Orders come in to Veeqo automatically from all 5 sites allowing us to create pick lists instantly across all channels. You can also brand each packing slip/invoice different for each channel and allocate different shipping companies.

We use Royal Mail, UPS, UK Mail and DX. Veeqo allow us to assign different types of orders to different couriers depending on an number of criteria. All shipping labels are created without any data entry ready for dispatch! Magic!

앱 사용 기간 4년 초과
2015년 11월 26일

Veeqo has been a life saver for us. We searched everywhere for an system which would integrate with all of our platforms - Veeqo was the only one which was able to integrate with everything we needed, including Shopify.

We can easily manage our stock for multiple platforms all in one place now so with the amount of products and variants we have it has enabled us to list more on other platforms such as Amazon without having to worry about keeping on top of the stock levels across them all.

It saves us an average of 2 hours a day on our old shipping process by putting everything into one place and having a quick and easy one click bulk shipment which also effortlessly creates all of our shipping labels and customer invoices.

We recently started using another feature of veeqo enabling us to see our profit margins on each product from cost price and also manage how much stock we actually sit on. This has been particularly useful for us as a business.

The support is also excellent and the team behind veeqo are always hands on any problems or questions we have.

If you are looking to save yourself hours in the day and smooth out your current shipping process or stock management - you definitely need Veeqo.

Bear Strength
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