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31 de julho de 2023

Not ready for prime time. Instructions on syncing our BigCommerce story didn't work. (Instructions were just plain wrong.)

They only support media mail or Bound Printed Matter with Amazon. You can't ship media mail with any ebay, etc. which was a deal-killer, since we sell books. They offered to submit this as a request for a feature.

Uninstalling. Big waste of time. Maybe I'll try again in a few years.

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18 de maio de 2022

If you are shipping international with DHL and have any discount on your product selling price then beware that the electronic customs invoice sent to DHL by Veeqo declares everything at 100% so at custom either you (Delivery Duty Paid) or the customer incur increased duty and VAT. We learnt the hard way for our EU and high value US shipments. Long chats with Veeqo support and 'Engineering ticket' raised, but one month on and no solution or feedback. Not a priority for Veeqo.

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1 de agosto de 2022

we have been using veeqo for over a year now, if you have a POS (retail Store) and also sell online AVOID THIS, Veeqo counts every single sell of you POS as a transaction int he software and that is counted to your monthly billing, we are paying over 380 USD a month OVER 4K A YEAR to sync inventories, they have promised a solution for months and nothing happens, maybe as a simply inventory management system is ok, but to advertise that integrates with POS and then charge for every single sell it is simply ridiculous. it is amazing that Shopify makes a business on top of an expensive online store already by creating extremely bad apps and then forcing you to pay for every single function you need.

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10 de setembro de 2015

We have been round the block so many times and at last thought we had found the right solution. Linked straight to our shopify site and were able to upload our vend csv file into the system easily enough. The problem came from Veeqo's supplied till system. If a customer came to the till with a packet of hooks (we are a fishing tackle company) and the staff member scanned them, up would jump on the screen a full list of this hooks variations i.e. sizes. The staff member would then have to look at the screen and select which variation they had in their hand. The veeqo till system does not process variations straight to basket from scanner and this is open to human error. We have about 7500 variations out of 8700 products so this problem can clearly be observed, especially on a busy Saturday when there is a queue at the tills and customers are coming up with armfuls of small items. This till system is ok if you run a small quiet coffee shop. So, I rang up to ask about fixing, what was to me, quite a simple tweek only to be told by one of the sales guys who had very limited technical experience (never ever got through to somebody that knows what they are talking about), that for now there was nothing they could do about it and maybe some time in the future the problem could be fixed. I got the feeling that he was being very wishy washy with me and was not interested in A. Seeing a proper technical guy. and B. Suggesting a progressive response to the problem. His main input ,which he said several times was 'Sorry about that, would you like me to cancel your forthcoming phone meeting with one of the set up guys''
Not a good way to obtain customers.

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7 de julho de 2023

This app says it will use my FedEx One Rate rates - I've got it connected correctly and there is a glitch - it won't pull them up. The fix is with the development team and there is NO estimate for a fix on this - which to me, renders the app useless, sadly.

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16 de novembro de 2015

No for us. Looks great on the outset but Amazon lister doesn't work properly and eBay lister is still in development.

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