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7. červenec 2024

They changed the pricing, charge me every month 10 usd, and I do not have access to nothing

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29. leden 2024

Thought this was a great tool at first. Used it for my Etsy shop and Shopify store, but the price change aspect of it deserves 0 stars. Despite ensuring I selected every single product in my stores, it failed to change the prices across every single product, leaving me with some products increased and others not. The most frustrating part was having no way of knowing which items it had missed - this resulted in me making losses on some orders as the prices were now not high enough to cope with the Black Friday offers I gave out (thinking I had increased all of my prices!!). When I reached out to Vela customer services they were useless and didn't even bother to reply to my latest email, so I simply deleted the app and now pricing across thousands of products is a complete mess... Vela - if your system can't cope with the volume of products a store like mine has, you need to make this clear. My pricing is now a shambles and I have to manually amend pricing as and when I spot it.

Pretty in Print Art Ltd
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8. leden 2024

I have been using Vela since its early days... On 5-6 Shops!
I loved it, but not anymore... Not only is it now buggy, but the pricing structure has changed tremendously. I loved that it was a flat $5.00 per store. It made it affordable for someone running several shops. I logged in today to do some maintenance and 3 out of 6 shops will end up being $16/month. It is now based on the number of items in the shop. I know this is still cheaper than many options... But with the limitation on item updates, this makes it untenable for me. I'm sorry to leave Vela and will not recommend it to folks in the future.
I guess it's back to the drawing board to find a better option.

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2. listopad 2023

BEWARE!!! I have been using this app for a long time now with several different shops on both Shopify and Etsy! STOP --> Before you use this app, the company just rolled out a "major update" on November 1st and their update tanked all the limited features that did work before and created major problems in functionality #1 it will act like and show that you are creating new "unpublished" items, they if you go to publish them to your Shopify draft listings (not even active), it will delete the listing(s) you created. That means if you were creating a group of listings from their "create new" button, it will look like they are being created and show that an item was being created and then when you go to publish it will delete all the items from your shop, entirely! You cannot publish from create new to either publish or draft and it will delete all your item(s) not recoverable. This means if you did 10 items, added photos, video, description, etc. This update will delete all your work if you try to publish the item. #2 The new AI features do not work and will permanently delete other information within an item listing. #3 There was no improvement to the photo editing tools despite what they claim and the background removal tool no longer works for many items. #4 You cannot use many of the "new" features they added in bulk editing. You will still have to go in and manually update the items one by one even when you have selected a group of items to edit in "bulk" #4 The shop "refresh" shop button will delete or unpublish items already published in your shop. #5 The "refresh" shop button eats up your daily allowed item creation, publishing, or editing, even if you don't add, change, or do anything to any item. They require you to refresh (sync) your shop frequently to use their app and they show a timer of when you last refreshed it. It does not automatically sync with the current inventory in your shop unless you hit the refresh button. #6 They will lock down your shop when you reach a number count. For example, if you have 100 items in your shop and you hit the refresh button 10 times throughout the day, you cannot list a single new item that day as you will have hit your "1000" item a day creation/listing/update they've now imposed and didn't exist before Nov 1st! Refreshing your shop isn't creating a new listing. #7 They are offering a promotional discount right now with their update for one month free, in their emails to existing customers they said they would give one month free for those already paying for their premium upgraded subscription. Upon contacting their customer service they are refusing to honor that advertisement sent in their emails. #8 They are using the free month of premium features to auto-enroll non-upgraded linked shops into upgraded paying premium subscription services with autopay without authorization into a subscription and you have to contact them to request to be unsubscribed and have those shop(s) removed from premium subscriptions to not get charge first of December which also means you do not get the free month of premium as they are advertising. Bottomline: Proceed with caution, the limited usable features it offers can be found from other apps.

Pure Gems Minerals & Design
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Vývojář Vela odpověděl 3. listopad 2023

I'll let the 340+ 5-star reviews we've received speak for the product and our dedication to supporting users and not attempt to address each of the misleading statements and blatant lies in this review.

Unfortunately, Shopify's review response policy prohibits us from posting external correspondence. However, if we could, you would see that this user is completely unhinged and likely psychotic. She reached out via chat and, in response to our efforts to assist, posted 100+ ALL CAPS threatening and explicit messages.

I'm sure that everyone here has encountered similarly outrageous customers from time to time and can relate to the disappointment felt when reading such a deranged review. While it's sad that anyone behaves this way, it's an inevitable part of running a business.

17. listopad 2023

They used to be free. Then they started charging $10/month which was worth it (even with a Shopify store and Etsy - so I had to pay double). Now they are raising their prices again. I'd have to pay $45+ a month to use this app. 100% NOT worth it.

Willow Grace Stickers
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Vývojář Vela odpověděl 21. listopad 2023

To clarify a few points raised in this user's review, it is true that we recently introduced a new pricing model, The new model sets pricing based on the number of listings per shop as It is simply more expensive, in terms of both time and resources, for us to support larger shops, and thus, we have updated our pricing model to reflect this reality.

This is our first price increase since our initial launch two years ago, and we did so, along with releasing a ton of new features now available to all users. I have no doubt that if you compare the price of Vela for the functionality provided, it's incredibly fair, and we have a lot more to come.

Finally, we provided a lifetime discount to all existing users (including this user), so her price would actually be $16, not $45.

12. září 2023

The app worked fine for what we were using it for. As we learned more and wanted to streamline our processes, we found a quicker and more efficient way to do so. When contacting support on the best way to remove the profiles we had attached to products, we were told to create a blank profile and it would override all the other profiles. We were not told this would 0 out all the inventory, change all the prices to 0, and remove all the SKUs and UPCS input for every product. Now, we have to spend days catching up and correcting all the issues to our whole online store.

Route 66 Comics & Collectibles
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3. prosinec 2023

the support is horrible. I had two shops, and Vela was install in one of it, which i can't connect, and login. if I were the customer service, it would rather just don't check all the parameters, and figure out the problem for me. instead, Justin used CAP to TELL me not to do certain things, and told me in a demeaning way that's just waste of his time to help me. what a idiot. if you are so cocky, go work for google or microsoft.

My Store
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21. červenec 2023

Poor Customer service.
Unpolite and unwilling to solve problems
The app will stop if publish over 30 listing and there is no way to settle it by customer .
Very very poor exerience.

Casioak Studio
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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Datum úprav: 6. leden 2022

Unreliable app. They force us to pay even though I installed the app when it was completely free. I've been using hundreds of apps so far but none of them treats their early customers this way :( My client (the store owner) feels disappointed at me as I told them the app is free to use.

DR.HC - Happy Choices for Organic, Natural, Vegan Cosmetics
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30. září 2022

Pessima non funziona, rovina i prezzi dei prodotti del sito, assolutamente da non utilizzare. Abbiamo utilizzato l'app e abbiamo avuto grossi problemi
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