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ElenaBerlo OnceUponaPaper™

We've been using Justin's app Vela for some time now, and it was really the best help we could have for editing products in bulk both on Shopify and Etsy.
Now we are so excited that Vela offers mass editing for pricing which was not yet developed while in Beta. Justin is also very supportive and quick to answer. I can't wait for further features of this app.


Justin is the man! He is very supportive and super fast to get help from him too. I would definitely gave this app a 5-stars.


This is the best application so far for editing the products. I am so glad that I downloaded it. It helped me edit my products by- Tags, Description, Price so easily. It has saved my so much of my time, I wish i could rate it more than 5.
Bulk edit of description was so challenging, specially when you want to add tables to your description, Vela would do it without problem.
Also the staff -Justin was so responsive on Chat when i had to ask something to clarify. Thank you so much Justin. Cheers

Personally Yours Accessories

I have been using this app for some time throughout the BETA, I've used the same app for Etsy as well. It allows you to BULK or individually change product attributes. This makes the process very simple and easier to update than using just the bulk edit within Shopify along with being able to bulk edit items that you cannot bulk edit like say um variations? If you are not using this then you are wasting valuable time doing it the hard way! A few times I have had to contact support and they (Justin) have always been there within hours (Typically minutes) he responds to help. even doing a remote session to help understand the issue or fix it. This app is great and will be even greater in the future! Keep listening to your customers! you are doing the right things!

Natural For My Baby

I continue using this amazing app for more than a year already. This is a priceless tool for all etsy and shopify customers! All variations, prices, collections/category, tags and other options change - all in one - just within minutes! I have 4500 items in my etsy store and changing the prices/variations was impossible for me - it was such a headache! I found this app and buuum! Prices and variations for each category have been changed within minutes! I couldn't believe! I do not understand bad reviews because this tool is just amazing and time saver for small businesses who use etsy and especially shopify! It's impossible to know how many items in your shopify store, how many items has each category, it's impossible to bulk edit variations/prices/ put bulk items into categories - thanks Justin for your outstanding customer service, help and answers all the time when I need it! Fast and helpful customer service - all the time! After 1 year I can't imaging my work with etsy and shopify without you! Thank you!
Will be using this tool forever and highly recommend to all small businesses who works with etsy and shopify!


Very easy to edit in bulk, easy to use interface. Must have if your shopify store has a lot of products.


Outstanding App, Im Blown Away By The Value & The Product That They Deliver. Finally Someone Understands What Most Users Are Looking For.

Great Work ! I Highly Recommend!

* Even tho there are a couple little things i'd like to add, Id feel i would be asking for to much seeing how its a free app.


its a great application with a great easy interface .... and easy to use ....
i love it ... the more here its totally free

The Cats Meow Cat Shore

his app has saved me a lot of time with bulk edits. I Highly recommend!

Rag Ivory

This is one of the greatest apps I have ever used. I have been with Vela for almost 2 years, and have stuck by the amazing company ever since. They truly are trying to change the way efficiency is done, and the simplicity of it is great! From the smallest businesses, to big ones, you can change descriptions, titles, images, prices, literally everything is available to edit but at scale. As soon as you publish the updates, within a couple minutes (depending on the amount of edits) the edits are live before anyone even notices!

Thank you Vela for this amazing app, & your support is AMAZING (answers and fixes my problems instantly). You are way ahead of the competition with a way better interface and ease of use ❤️