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Germ Freak by DenaTyson

I absolutely love this app! What a life saver--- omgoodness! I will be sure to tell everyone about it too. The customer service is simply AMAZING---! Justin was so helpful with all of my questions and concerns. I could not have found a more useful app. This app has so many great features. I can bulk update- change or add descriptions, prices, pic's, tags--- and that's all I have been able to explore at this time but there are so many other features as well. The best part about this is it is FREE--- Absolutely FREE. How amazing is that- truly a blessing.
Please continue the outstanding help and support that you do for so many like myself. You are GREATLY APPRECIATED
Thank you- Thank you- THANK YOU :)


I used this app to help me organize all my vendor tags and prices all at once in bulk. This app saved me hours and hours of my time! I'd give it a 10 star rating if i could!

Driftless Studios Wholesale

Works great. When a problem comes up they are quick to help get it fixed. I would recommend it to anyone needing to edit large amounts of sku's.


Already saved me so much time editing some descriptions and photos. Could use a "replace" function instead of just "find and replace" to make it easier.


Vela has been a lifesaver for me. It's actually insane how much it has helped my business grow. I first started using Vela For Etsy. Then I noticed its also on Shopify. Using this tool for both of my platforms has been fantastic. Shopify in its raw form is very time consuming, and honestly over-complicated. Using this service has drastically cut down the time needed to modify my listings. I mean DAYS worth of work saved.
In the rare cases I needed support, They are always prompt and friendly.

Out of every service i have tried, This has been by far the easiest and quickest.
don't look at the garbage reviews and click away. Try it yourself, get your own opinion. Because like me, I'm sure you will be surprised at how efficiently Vela Helps your business grow.

Sensory Art House

This has been an excellent app to use whilst populating my shopify store. There are times when you want to add additional text for all prior products, add images etc. Has been great, once I understood properly how the sync works - the support has been fast and clear.

Mid-Atlantic RV Wholesalers

I have spent weeks trying to edit my products, one at a time, after I used a horrible app to import some eBay listings that I had into my Shopify store that completely wrecked my products' formats. One by one, I have edited them, only to realize that I missed one here and there. Once I found VELA, my prayers were answered! This app is AMAZING! In 30 minutes, I was able to complete edits that would have taken me 12 hours previously. I did have a glitch when I first installed the app and I initiated a chat with Justin and within MINUTES he had responded and had already researched my account settings on his end before he even replied to my chat so he was familiar with my store and my products before even getting back to me! Now that is efficiency at its best! I have been in business either for myself or my family for over 20 years now and I don't hand out rave reviews very easily but, these guys have a really good thing going and they deserve all of the great reviews that users have left. And, I couldn't beat the price! (FREE) Keep up the good work, Justin! Customer service like the kind Justin practices is rare in today's retail environment, especially online, and maintaining this level going forward will help to set Vela apart from their competitors!!

Joy of Planning

It's perfect for bulk edits. Saved me a ton of time and admin was helpful when I needed direction. Recommended! x

Mk Beauty Club

For having a really simple UI, it's surprisingly useful. Really efficient for simple changes. The fields you can select to change are all the fields that are on the Shopify CSV file. There's even a Find and Replace

B.G.T.Y. Lifestyle™ Blog & Boutique

I currently have over 800 products in my store and it would be a headache to use Shopify's current product editing features...much too time-consuming. I started using Vela before it became public in the Shopify store and I am so glad that I did.

Vela makes it much easier to edit all of my products quickly. I use the type filter more than anything so once I select the type I can choose to edit one, some or all of the products at once. From that point, I can make changes to anything related to those products on one screen. I love it because it saves me so much time which is paramount for a one-woman shop owner! My only issue is that at the moment there is no way to sort the filters under each category (e.g. Product List A-Z) but I hear that feature (and others) are on the way. Yay! Even with that missing feature, Vela is still a huge help in my book.

Plus customer service is quick, responsive and helpful! If you want to save time managing your products, download (and start using) Vela today...NOW!!

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