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Vend Point of Sale

Vend Point of Sale

Developed by Vend

55 reviews
Price: $69.00 – $199.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Easily manage products, inventory, customers and orders across multiple channels and locations
  • Boost sales by syncing inventory in real-time from multiple locations to Shopify, ready for purchase
  • See what’s selling best - and where - with a single view of in-store and online sales performance

Sell more on every channel, seamlessly.
Together Vend & Shopify bring you the best of point-of-sale and ecommerce to easily manage, optimize, and scale your retail business.

Increase efficiency and maximize profits by easily managing inventory across multiple locations and channels; accessing a real-time overview of your sales performance; gaining insights into what’s really selling and where; and growing your business by managing your customer base.


Vend is powerful retail POS, inventory, customer management, and reporting software loved by 18,000+ retailers all over the globe.

Vend works just like your current point-of-sale, but, because it is online pos software, and runs in a web browser, it works on any computer, including an iPad, anywhere in the world. It even keeps working in offline mode, if you lose your internet connection.

It works with any computer.

All you need to start using Vend is an internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari.

It works online and offline.

Vend continues to work even if your internet connection doesn't. Your data will automatically synchronise the next time you connect.

It saves you time.

Vend takes the hassle out of running a modern business, by seamlessly integrating your real world shop with your eCommerce store. It also connects with Xero online accounting.

It saves you money.

With Vend, all you pay is a small monthly subscription. It's probably less than what you currently pay for your point-of-sale support.

It works with your existing devices.

Vend works with the equipment you already use with your point-of-sale, including your barcode scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer, so switching from your old system is a breeze.

Your data is safe, secure, and always backed up.

Your information is stored on secure servers, backed by the same encryption used by online banking. So it's protected and can only be accessed by you. We automatically back up all your data several times a day, so you never have to worry about backing up again.

Automatic upgrades.

Vend takes out the stress of owning a point-of-sale system. You'll enjoy the latest features without the hassle of maintenance and upgrades.

There's no commitment.

Vend comes with a 30-day free trial. After that, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There is absolutely no obligation.

Read an independent review of Vend at Merchant Maverick. 4.5 stars "In the Olympics of web-based point of sale, Vend has the potential to win the gold medal."

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Vend Point of Sale reviews

55 reviews
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  5. 1 star (11 reviews)

been using Vend for a few years and generally been very happy with it, we have it synced with shopify and all has been good. Suddenly last saturday sales from shopify stopped being synced with vend. Spent countless hours with vend online support trying to get this sorted but it just seems to be going round in circles. Vend support needs to step up.


Vend releases regular new feature updates and seems to take customer feedback seriously. Overall pleased with Vend, and I appreciate that they seem invested in working alongside the Shopify platform, rather than pushing a proprietary ecommerce platform.

Shopify to Vend connection was easy setup and we have experienced minimal disconnections/errors.

Able to print barcodes

However, initial setup process was longer than anticipated and involved re-tagging our entire physical stores (2 locations) and multiple comprehensive inventory counts, though this was partly due to migrating from a different POS platform. It's worth it, but be prepared to work.


Vend POS changed our business - we went from working on weekly csv file uploads to our website and having to handle many tricky situations with stock errors to a seamlessly integrated system. We now have a realtime view of our outlets and stock. We can't imagine life without this application and all it's feature. Our entire business is centred around vend and all other apps are supplementary to keep our business running the way it should.


Vend has been a god send for us. About a year ago we switched from another leading bikeshop POS / Inventory management system purely because of the caching / sync'ing of sales during internet outages. However we got so much more! The integration with our shopify site makes maintaining our inventory a snap between our virtual store and our bricks and mortar shop. It's been a fantastic experience! #yayVEND


we have been looking all around for the perfect partner and Vend POS was by far the best match! from setup to opening our door the support and service was and still is incredible! the interface between Vend and Shopify is spot on and i couldnt wish for a better and easier way for both system to shake hand. Vend has made our life so much easier and much more!


We have been using Vend for a couple of years now. I was looking for a portable, scalable POS that was in the the budget of my small business. I visited a retail show in NYC. Most companies required an IT department and all manner of special equipment. On the very last day, I talked to this company that seemed to be a fit even though it was designed half a world away. I could use the equipment that I had, build on it and use existing web hosting services. Once I started the porting process, In 30 days, I all 20K+ products and 20 suppliers ported over. More importantly, I no longer had to own and maintain a server. Give Vend a try!


For us Vend is the best POS software on the market. One of the best interfaces I ever seen and great support and customer service. Before Vend we tried Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and SAP and for us Vend is more superior than all of them.


I have been using vend for 8 months as at January 2018.
It has been a revelation. Although always professional, I now ooze proffesionalism to my customers. Many comment on the system... I use the socket scanner within vend and I now charge for everything when manually I would hand small bits away. Linking to shopify is my next step so here's hoping the next review is also 5*


Vend's support is terrible. Most times, their response time is terrible, and their typical response is to simply repeat the problem back to you - "It's not a bug, it's a feature" kind of thing. For more than 4 months, our products have been getting duplicated in Shopify, and after many, many attempts to get it resolved, the only effort on Vend's part has been to delete the duplicates for us, though it's just a matter of time until they reappear.
The interface on Vend's side has a "Unpublish from Shopify" button. It doesn't actually do anything. If the product's already on Shopify, you still have to manually seek out the product on Shopify and manually delete it.
To update products that don't have pictures, you have to delete the product from Shopify, "unpublish" it from Vend, then republish it. This is the only time this button's useful.
I'm giving it 2 stars only because the interaction with Shopify is somewhat better than Airsquare (never again).


We would leave less than one star if possible...after 2 months of their tech guys trying to get Vend to communicate with our shopify database, the Vend system literally destroyed our entire store inventory of over 4000 items, costing us thousands of dollars of time to repair the damage they did...and to top it off they refused to refund any money we spent on implementing their system despite the fact that their product did not work as advertised, and we could never use Vend. We will be reporting them to the ACCC in Australia and anyone thinking about choosing Vend is welcome to contact us so we can warn them of the imminent damage to their online inventory. Vend admin was not helpful in the least. Beware throwing money away on an inferior product that only leaves you with a giant mess to clean up, I am not sure we will ever recover from this debacle!

$69.00 – $199.00 / month
30 days

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