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Vend Point of Sale

Vend Point of Sale

Developed by Vend

43 reviews
Price: $69.00 – $199.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Easily manage products, inventory, customers and orders across multiple channels and locations
  • Boost sales by syncing inventory in real-time from multiple locations to Shopify, ready for purchase
  • See what’s selling best - and where - with a single view of in-store and online sales performance

Sell more on every channel, seamlessly.
Together Vend & Shopify bring you the best of point-of-sale and ecommerce to easily manage, optimize, and scale your retail business.

Increase efficiency and maximize profits by easily managing inventory across multiple locations and channels; accessing a real-time overview of your sales performance; gaining insights into what’s really selling and where; and growing your business by managing your customer base.


Vend is powerful retail POS, inventory, customer management, and reporting software loved by 18,000+ retailers all over the globe.

Vend works just like your current point-of-sale, but, because it is online pos software, and runs in a web browser, it works on any computer, including an iPad, anywhere in the world. It even keeps working in offline mode, if you lose your internet connection.

It works with any computer.

All you need to start using Vend is an internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari.

It works online and offline.

Vend continues to work even if your internet connection doesn't. Your data will automatically synchronise the next time you connect.

It saves you time.

Vend takes the hassle out of running a modern business, by seamlessly integrating your real world shop with your eCommerce store. It also connects with Xero online accounting.

It saves you money.

With Vend, all you pay is a small monthly subscription. It's probably less than what you currently pay for your point-of-sale support.

It works with your existing devices.

Vend works with the equipment you already use with your point-of-sale, including your barcode scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer, so switching from your old system is a breeze.

Your data is safe, secure, and always backed up.

Your information is stored on secure servers, backed by the same encryption used by online banking. So it's protected and can only be accessed by you. We automatically back up all your data several times a day, so you never have to worry about backing up again.

Automatic upgrades.

Vend takes out the stress of owning a point-of-sale system. You'll enjoy the latest features without the hassle of maintenance and upgrades.

There's no commitment.

Vend comes with a 30-day free trial. After that, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There is absolutely no obligation.

Read an independent review of Vend at Merchant Maverick. 4.5 stars "In the Olympics of web-based point of sale, Vend has the potential to win the gold medal."

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Vend Point of Sale reviews

43 reviews
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  5. 1 star (10 reviews)

Finding more and more issues with Vend not syncing well with Shopify - particularly when receiving orders for items that have variants. If this continues we will be looking to switch to another POS


Vend seamlessly syncs our customer information, inventory, and allows our Vend POS to run without a hitch! By partnering with Shopify, we can build a sophisticated website while also maintaining the daily in store operations that Vend affords us. Its a great partnership!


I've been with Vend for over 4 years now and have grown with the system. There are a few developments it could do with like bulk amendments on product as CSV's aren't always the easiest to use. But it links to my Shopify system and accounts package Xero great. Theres so much more it offers but when we first started out systems like this weren't readily available and this system has improved and I imagine will only do so. We really like the till system and find it easy to use. Setting up product is tiresome but isn't it always. So be prepared but once set up it's ideal for my shop and online stores.


We've been using Vend and Shopify together for 2 years now. With a quick set up, our online sales, inventory and everything else syncs beautifully and with the addition of Xero, all our sales information seamlessly integrates with our accounting software. Reporting is great and we use all this information to make better decisions for our purchasing and our general business strategy. We are not business experts, so these tools help the 'average' person understand and enable us to manage a professional business.


I want so badly to be able to use and enjoy Vend. However the on-boarding process has not been easy and is stretching out into multiple months, still trying to transition our existing physical stores over to Vend. Small yet critical inventory management features are missing, like the ability to bulk edit while in Vend without a csv export, the inability to match products in csv imports on SKU, and extremely limited barcode and price label printing functionality. Shops that are planning to scale and/or experience high turnover of seasonally changing merchandise may find that Vend is better suited for shops with smaller inventories at this point. I look forward to being able to review again once we're through the building inventory and re-labeling process.


This is a great app, we add it for every site http://eChic.com.au builds, and it has worked really well.


Works fairly well, but had to remove the full-link functionally from Shopify in order for it to not screw up Vend's product counts and item information. In my opinion, the app should ONLY allow Vend to be the "master" and push information into Shopify, with the exception of allowing sales information to be "pulled" from Vend's stock (which is what I wound up setting this connection to do at our shop http://www.BIYHomebrewSupply.com which has worked pretty well for us so far) What would make it 5 stars? If the Vend/Shopify integration allowed multi-location inventory pushing so customers could see what was available at each outlet. Now that would be handy! Overall, pleased with it thus far.


Great system and service. Very easy to use and excellent communication. Highly reccommend.


When we first opened The Bee Hive in Drury we had no knowledge when it came to POS, Vend was recommended to us and was one of the most important decisions we made for our business with no regrets. In the four years we have been opened we have only required urgent help three times our problems have been resolved within minutes. I must drive the VEND Team crazy sometimes with the silly questions I ask through their chat line they have always been professional and have helped me through my so called crisis allowing me to continue on with my day.


Set up of Shopify was a breeze. Didn't need any external company to set up the site, and the wide range of template styles available easily fit with our needs of a functional store.

Integration with Vend was incredibly easy, and the interaction between the two systems to manage orders is very clean.

$69.00 – $199.00 / month
30 days

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