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9 oktober 2022

This app does exactly what I needed it to do and I managed to add Royal Mail shipping and set it up so it wasn't charging far too much postage like Shopify was doing. I had a few issues setting it up but Molly gave amazing support over email.

Super Dog Accessories
2 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 13 februari 2022

Was very pleased to look at my email this morning and see that the owners responded to my review quickly and helped me with my situation, definitely recommend this plug in!

PeakVision Sunglasses
En dag användning av appen
Bambri svarade 12 februari 2022

I sent you an email from, if you didn't get it, please email us at that email, and we will take care of you.

24 maj 2022

Needed this app to offer free shipping on any order containing a specific product! Sad that Shopify doesn't support this (in shipping or discount codes). Support helped me configure my rules correctly. Very satisfied!

BioPharma Scientific
En dag användning av appen
Redigerat 26 juli 2018

I've spent dozens of hours trying to find an app that provided the functions I needed. I wasn't asking for difficult things, but no luck until I found this app! It does everything I need and so much more, but the best part is its easy to use.
Even better was the customer service that was provided within an hour of sending an email. Cannot recommend enough!

Ungefär 22 timmar användning av appen
24 februari 2021

Awesome customer service & technical support. No more losing on shipping with multiple boxes. Customizable as it should be from the start

Ungefär 22 timmar användning av appen
2 maj 2018

Incredibly simple app that solves SO many problems. Incredible customer service as well!

Dais Records
Ungefär 21 timmar användning av appen
20 juni 2019

Just what our store needed! Very prompt and customer service as well! Keep it up! Totally recommended!

Ungefär 20 timmar användning av appen
18 december 2020

Really great support! I had some setup issues with my account (it was all on my side) and they were able to resolve the issues quickly to get me setup properly. They even offered a nice incentive to sign up for a plan. I'm really impressed with both the app and their service.

Ungefär 19 timmar användning av appen
27 januari 2018

This was the best app for what I needed. I called the help number and got an answer on the first try. Then, he walked me through all the steps on how to fix my shipping problem. I can't explain what a life saver this app was for my company. I have tried other apps that didn't work. Thanks so much Advance Shipping Rules ! Your app ROCKS!!

Ungefär 17 timmar användning av appen
18 oktober 2019

The second store I have used this on, first time took 15 mins to set up, the second time took 5. Had a question and support replied immediately. The app works quickly and easily and is very flexible. Were on Shopify Plus and we need this app to manage our shipping rules, no other solution has come close.

Tonic Studios USA
Ungefär 15 timmar användning av appen