Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules

by Bambri

Finely tune your shipping rates

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Rates for Different Products

Set unique rates for different groups of products. Add carrier rates to some, rule based rates to some, free shipping to others.

Advanced Rate Types

Adjust carrier rates, edit rate titles, ship-from post code, customs/duties, package dimensions. Use by item, % of price and more.

Sub-zones & More

Use sub-zones based on a list of postal codes. Edit service codes. Restrict products from zones. Restrict shipping methods from products.

About Advanced Shipping Rules

Multiple Dropship Vendors

Set different shipping rules for different group of products, and control how they get blended together.

On-Demand Printers

Integrate directly with Printful, Pixels, and Printify shipping rates APIs. You can also set up flat rates for others.

Small vs. Heavy Items

Small items go USPS first class, medium items via UPS, and heavy items via flat rate rules. Mix and match rates for all your product types.

Free Shipping/Free + Shipping

Set some products to ship free, and exclude some products from free shipping by setting free products to have their own shipping price.

Method and Zone Restrictions

Prevent certain products from being ordered to certain zones. Or prevent certain methods from being an options for some products.

Advanced Carrier Options

Set multiple package dimensions and weights, commercial vs. residential address detection, negotiated rates, and more.

Local Delivery For Some Products

Create sub-zones within your Shopify zones using postal codes. Set different rates for products within the sub-zone.

Different Package Dimensions

For each group of products you can specify a different package dimension. You can also set different dimensions based on qty of items. We even support USPS Flat Rate boxes for different products.

Options for the Same Method

You can set multiple versions of the same carrier method, but with different modifications. ( ie, UPS Ground, UPS Ground - Signature Required )

Integrates with...

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • FedEx SmartPost
  • CanadaPost
  • Printful
  • Pixels
  • Printify
  • Gooten

How it Works

  • Categorize your product catalog into fulfillment services and product groups.
  • Assign unique shipping methods to each product group.
  • When only one product group is in an order, all methods assigned to the group will be shown at checkout.
  • When more than one product group is an order, the app shows a blended shipping rate(s), which adds the preferred methods from each group together.
  • Blending rules can be used to control how blended rates are calculated.

Unlimited Free Trial in Test Mode

All pricing plans include free use forever while in TEST mode so you can take as long as you’d like to build out your rates and test them, without starting any kind of payment or subscription.

7-Day Free Trial in LIVE mode

All pricing plans include a 7-Day free trial once you are done testing and switch the app to LIVE mode. So you make sure the app works as intended for your customers before you start to pay.

Requires Real-Time Carrier Rate Feature

The app requires that you have the Real-time carrier rate feature enabled on your Shopify account. This feature allows your shop to retrieve rates from any external source, whether it's real time rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS,

Integrates with

  • Printful,
  • Printify,
  • Pixels,
  • Gooten

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Pricing 7-day free trial



  • Up to 2 Product Groups

  • 1 Blended Rate

  • *No Hide/Show Rules*

  • Unlimited Free Trial in Test Mode

  • 7-Day Free Trial in Live Mode



  • Up to 5 Product Groups

  • 2 Blended Rates

  • Blending Rules

  • Unlimited Free Trial in Test Mode

  • 7-Day Free Trial in Live Mode



  • Up to 20 Product Groups

  • 3 Blended Rates

  • Blending Rules

  • Postal Code Subzones

  • Unlimited Free Trial in Test Mode

  • 7-Day Free Trial in Live Mode



  • Unlimited Product Groups

  • Unlimited Blended Rates

  • All Features

  • Unlimited Trial in Test Mode

  • 7-Day Trial in Live Mode

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.8 of 5 stars
Based on 227 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Transistor Music

The only app we found that could cope with the intricate fulfilment rules we needed our store to have. Amazing support. Recommended without hesitation.

Here at we give away a lot of merchandise to our wonderful clientele, so we decided to streamline the entire giveaway process and make it more user-friendly. After I installed the Advanced Shipping Rules Application, I was having trouble getting the Shipping Rates to stay with the products from my special Group, once other products were added to the Shopping Cart. I contacted Support and Brian Dillon responded right away! He went in and figured out what was wrong in just a few minutes. Then he did something inspiring and unusual, he went above and beyond your typical support response. Brian went into my Shipping Settings and made all the necessary changes to fix the problem and set it all up properly! NO JOKE! Brian took care of everything without even being asked. He took the time to do what most people don’t. He set things right. Now that’s what I call excellent customer service. After hearing from Brian, I tested the Shipping Rates and everything’s working perfectly! ;-)

In addition, Brian realized I was on a more expensive Advanced Shipping Rules Plan that I didn’t need. After bringing it to my attention, he helped me switch to a lower priced Plan that was much cheaper and more suitable for my business. Are you kidding me, bro? This is the kind of thoughtful service every consumer should receive when they reach out for help. Don’t just do the bare minimum. Knock the ball out of the park!

BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Thank you so much! If I could give Advanced Shipping Rules 10 Stars, I would! Keep up the great work!

Paradise Candles & Gifts

This app works flawlessly! It's easy to set up and has all the options anyone would need. Had a problem and spoke with Brian who took care of the issue right away. Thank you so much!