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Ventata Pricing Engine

Ventata Pricing Engine

Developed by Ventata

Price: Free – $200.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Earn more profit every month, automatically
  • Determine the optimal price for your products
  • Be prepared for spikes in demand by pricing accordingly

Maximize your profits with dynamic pricing. Guaranteed.

Each time you sell a product, we slightly adjust the price until we find the price that makes you the most profit.

We do the math so you don't have to. Get started in under 5 minutes.

How do you know that the price you've chosen for your product is the right one -- as in, the price that brings in the most profits for you?

Ventata is a pricing engine that uses economic theory and machine learning to determine the best price for any product. If you are not using these tools, you have no way of knowing how much revenue you may be leaving on the table each day, with each sale, either because you are missing out on profits by selling your items for less than you could be, or you are missing out on sales you could have because your item is priced too high.

We have two pricing strategies that can help you with your Shopify store.

  • Unlimited Supply - When you can get as many items as you can sell. For example, digital items (movies, mp3s) or physical items that are virtually unlimited (e.g., t-shirts are virtually unlimited).

  • Limited Supply - If inventory is a major part of deciding revenue and pricing then a Limited Supply strategy can greatly improve revenue yield. For example, if you are selling tickets to an event, want to get rid of excess inventory by a certain date or if you want to run a flash sale this strategy will help price the product to sell out by a certain date while still maximizing your revenue.

Ventata is always moving the price closer to the best price. Even if you only received a single order per month, those products will be one order closer to their most profitable price point.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try it for a year. If it’s not the best investment you ever made we’ll refund all of your money, no questions asked.

Free – $200.00 / month
30 days



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