Census, by Vervaunt Labs

Census, by Vervaunt Labs


Rule-Based Post-Purchase & NPS Surveys

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Rule-Based Questions

Ask questions based on key variables, such as the items users have purchased, their device and usage of discount codes.

Super-Simple Configuration

Install and configure in minutes. Get set up with all features and a fully-styled question box instantly, with no development work required.

Simple Reporting & Insights

View reports on feedback and filter based on key variables. All feedback is also tied to the original order and customer within Shopify.

Census, by Vervaunt Labs 정보

Rule-Based Post-Purchase eCommerce Surveys

The Census app allows brands and retailers to ask customers a series of questions, providing insight and feedback into their shopping experience. Ask questions on brand sentiment, customer attribution, site bugs and issues, and more. Questions can be added based on rules, segmenting questions on device, product, category and tags.

Common survey use cases for our app include:

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) - understanding your customer’s overall brand experience
  • Bugs and Issues - supporting in identifying and quantifying the impact of issues
  • Customer Attribution - allowing for questions on where users first heard about the brand or product(s)
  • General UX Feedback - feedback from users on the overall buying experience or specific areas of the online store
  • Product Surveys - product-level questions around things like pricing, information, imagery, selection available etc

All surveys can be customisable, with the ability to apply styling to the questions box. You can select your preferred font, change colours and decide if you want to show the Vervaunt emblem.

All feedback is associated with orders and customers, allowing you to better understand feedback and, again, further quantify the impact and those affected. Search and filter your responses to quickly identify specific issues, and export lists easily.

Installing and configuring the Census app is super straightforward - simply install the app via the Shopify App Store and approve the charge. Then head into the app configuration area via the Shopify Admin and add any of the pre-built or your chosen questions in the questions tab.

Summary of Our Core Features:

  • Embed surveys on your order confirmation page with one click
  • Get more responses with non-invasive surveys that look good out-of-the-box
  • Create your own surveys or choose from our bank of pre-written questions
  • Conditionally ask questions or get ratings based on specific rules and devices
  • Style all surveys and customise fonts, colours and logos
  • Feedback is linked to customer profiles and orders
  • Get monthly/weekly/daily email notifications to keep you updated on latest responses.
  • Export various reports and data based on customer responses
  • Get full control without confusing extra features in an intuitive backend UI
  • Get fast, reliable support from our eCommerce team

About Vervaunt Labs

The Vervaunt Labs initiative was born out of London-based eCommerce consultancy and paid media agency, Vervaunt and is focused on building accessible eCommerce apps and solutions that are available to growing brands and retailers. The Census app is the first that we’ve released, others are being used internally and will be made available over time.

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Free Plan


  • Try our Surveys app with basic functionality to gain some initial feedback and understanding of your customers.

Standard Plan


  • Take advantage of custom styling and branding to make sure any questions and surveys match your unique brand style.

Premium Plan


  • Gain a powerful understanding of your customers with custom questions to capture specific, targeted feedback.

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Fairfax & Favor

Had this app installed for a short while, and the customisation options plus positioning on checkout has given us a huge amount of feedback! So quick and easy, plus doesn't affect speed!

The Bottle Club

Installed this app a week ago on our store and it’s already feeding us valuable information. UI is clean and easy to navigate. Really like the rule-based questions for specific items and brands.


Blown away by how incredibly easy it was to add this app to my site, groundssupply.com. There is a gap in the app marketplace with post-purchase surveys -- Simple, but extremely effective!