VexMap UX & Form Error Monitor

VexMap UX & Form Error Monitor

Awesome Software

Fix abandoned forms, lost customers, & frustrated shoppers

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Actionable UX Reports

See all the places where customers get stuck, so you can optimize critical customer flows.

Don't Wait For Complaints

Confused shoppers don't complain - they leave. Get notified right away of any new issues.

Privacy First

We don't record your customers or track any personally identifying information (PII) at all.

VexMap UX & Form Error Monitor 정보

Now FREE For A Limited Time!

For a limited time, VexMap is 100% Free to install and use on your store. Take advantage of this chance to get better UX analytics completely free of charge.

Frustrated users don't complain - they leave and don't come back.

Your error monitoring app doesn't notice a problem. VexMap watches specifically for frustrated users, and tells you about their trouble spots in real time.

Catch Errors That Automated Tests Can't

Not all errors come from broken code. We watch your site for signs of user frustration, including repeated mouse clicks and taps, scribbling on the page, and abandoned forms. It works like code error monitoring, but for the customer's experience of your storefront.

Abandoned Forms

Sign Up, Login, Checkout, Search - the most critical parts of your site flow through forms. But you only see the interactions that go perfectly. Get information about the form interactions that don't go perfectly, and make your site work better for your users

Navigation Loops

When users can't find what they're looking for, they can get stuck in a frustrating click loop. See where they get stuck, and you can point them in the right direction.

Frustration Hot Spots

Users expect one thing, but your site does something else. See where (and when!) they get stuck


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