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20 april 2024

I was really excited finding this app. As I am building a sustainable brand. But were are you? Does anyone manage customer service? No replies to emails. I would like them to answer the commission rate. As this is conflicting from their info on this app here to their terms once you have installed. Why is the app asking me for an old password?? Please come back to me. Thank You

Chelsea Clobber
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28 mei 2024

Overall good selection of products that are eco-friendly. However, very difficult to set up, especially payments. Does not seem as automated as advertised.

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Bewerkt 9 april 2023

I wanted to use it, I really did. Giving it three stars because they do have good products. It just costs way too much for a small seller like myself. No... it isn't free. Their paid plans start at €30.00 which is around $33 USD per month, or €180 per year ($197.92 USD), which is not bad, but you are limited to 100 products/10 checkouts per month. To get the most out of this app you would need to go with their Unicorn Plan which is €480/year ($527.78 USD) or €120.0/month ($131.95 USD). While subscription rates like this are not unheard of, it's a little bit out of reach for small-scale vendors like me. Too bad, this company really does have great products. I will very, very likely come back and check this app out again when I can afford it.

The Knickknack Shack by Darthside LLC
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Matau Tech LTD heeft geantwoord 9 april 2023

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our pricing plans. We understand that our subscription fees may seem high for small-scale vendors like yourself. However, as a private company, we need to generate revenue to cover our operating costs and invest in improving our services.

We designed our pricing model to be flexible and grow with our retailers' business. Our lower-priced plans are ideal for smaller businesses that are just starting out and have limited product offerings. As your business grows and you need to expand your product offerings and checkout volume, you can upgrade to our higher-priced plans to accommodate your needs.

Additionally, unlike other platforms, we do not charge extra fees as a gateway percentage or any other hidden fees. Our pricing is transparent, and we strive to offer a fair and competitive rate for our services.

We appreciate your interest in our platform and hope that you will consider our free option to test our services and see if it is a good fit for your business. Thank you for your feedback, and please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.