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  • Save your time with stock visibility automation
  • Drive more sales with your own virtual assistant
  • Focus on growing your business

We created Vibix, “prosperity” in Latin, with a single goal – to save time running your eCommerce business. Vibix is a virtual assistant that makes common tasks easier and reduces work load.

Here's what Vibix can do for your business:

1. Avoid embarrassing stock out by automatically hiding products from your web site when you are out of inventory

  • To activate automation, simply set-up a minimum stock. Any time a customer places an order, Vibix will look at your stock level and evaluate whether to hide a product based on specified stock level. Automation works when an order for a product is placed.
  • 2. Automatically un-hides products when you replenish inventory

  • To activate automation, simply set-up a stock level to un-hide a product. Any time you update inventory, Vibix will look at a stock level and evaluate whether to un-hide a product based on specified stock level. Automation works when you update stock level for a product.
  • 3. Notifies you whenever automation is triggered, if you want

  • You can elect to receive email alert any time automation kicks in. For example, your product is out of stock. You can also include your supplier in this email alert. Alternatively, any time a product is back online, you can notify your team to start promotional activities.
  • When you’ve got Vibix on your team, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business. Quick and easy installation and no coding is required. Rest assured, your store's template and layout will not be changed or affected.

    Automation and ongoing optimization of your business will provide a sustainable long-term advantage by allowing you to stay focused on most important strategic decisions to grow your business.

    You are never alone when you use Vibix. We can answer your questions, explain how any part of the tool works, and more.

    So where do you begin? Simply download the app and start saving time today for free!

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