vidaXL Dropshipping

vidaXL Dropshipping


Import & sync products from vidaXL easily within your webshop

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Import products

Easily import products within your webshop based on the selected categories.

Synchronize stock amounts

The stock will be synced automatically. Never sell any product out of stock.

Send orders automatically

Received an order? The order will be automatically sent to VidaXL for shipment.

vidaXL Dropshipping 정보

Sell vidaXL products via dropshipping within your Shopify online store

Are you starting with an online Shopify store? Than you will probably need the vidaXL Shopify app for dropshipping.

vidaXL is an international online retailer. They offer thousands of products in a wide variety of categories such as home, garden, garage, DIY, and clothing. vidaXL is active worldwide and provides excellent customer support for each country in their native language. They are a perfect partner for both high-end and low-end furniture. There is something for every target group at vidaXL!

The vidaXL Shopify app enables you to offer the full assortment of vidaXL products through your online Shopify store with dropshipping. This eliminates the need to purchase a large inventory and shipping all orders yourself. Collaborating with a dropshipping company like vidaXL is indispensable for starting an online Shopify store!

vidaXL Dropshipping app - Core Features

  • Import the (full) assortment of vidaXL based on the selected category
  • All product content, such as: images, description, prices etc. will be imported
  • Determine your own fixed or variable margin or use the vidaXL advice price
  • Synchronize stock amounts automatically and realtime
  • Synchronize prices automatically and realtime
  • Send orders automatically to vidaXL for shipment (coming soon)

Why vidaXL?

Consumers are becoming increasingly more price conscious. vidaXL offers products for home and garden at competitive prices. They want to make their products accessible to as many customer and companies as possible. vidaXL select only products in high demand and purchases them directly at large scale. They are able to influence the design and packaging to optimize the entire production chain which ultimately ensures our customers pay a very reasonable price for the products.

What are you waiting for? Start dropshipping with vidaXL!

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  • Import products based on category
  • Update stock auto & realtime
  • Determine your own margin
  • And many more dropshipping features

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가장 최근 리뷰

Newstart Furniture

I have attempted to contact Woosa the app developer multiple times and they have not responded. There is no user manual, Stock quantity does not sync.

Shoplane Australia

Waste of time , there is no way to start 30 days trial , once you register they will take you to VidaXL site and they are asking 30Euros to Join and Start Dropshipping . There is no need for this plugin , you can directly start dropshipping with VidaXL , Misleading!

개발자 회신

2021년 7월 21일

Hi Shoplane,

Sorry that you feel like we're misleading you.

We - Woosa - are the developers of the plugin. VidaXL is basically a seperate company who provides the dropshipping solution. Therefore we both charge a subscription fee, since we both have done an effort to make a solution available.

However, it seems this is not clear from the beginning. Therefore we'll adjust our introduction text. Thank you for the heads up!

Best regards,
Team Woosa

Kulani Home

DO NOT USE IT! Yesterday my ENTIRE product catalogue from VidaXL disappeared! 1000's of edited products, weeks and weeks of work wasted. I had ads running that were sending people to a product that had been deleted! Who pays for that wasted ad spend!? I had the same problem as the person who reviewed below too. 1000's of product prices changed to the B2B price. Zero useful instructions. I had to password protect the site, this, in turn, upset Google and I had my merchant account suspended.

개발자 회신

2021년 7월 19일

Hi Kulani Home,

This seems a very weird issue, which never happened before (only due to misconfiguration or use of our settings).

For example unselecting a category, will result in products to be deleted within that category.

We have replied to your support ticket, to discuss the matter.

Best regards,
Team Woosa