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2019년 11월 13일

I love this app! My product is one that sells best from videos that show how it works. So video content has been a really key element in our digital marketing strategy. When I discovered this app and how it virtually eliminates ALL friction from product awareness (video) to purchase, I knew I needed it. It is so seamless for my customers to move from passive to active buyers. Highly recommend this app!

앱 사용 기간 3개월
2019년 11월 12일

Great app that is simple to use and embed on product and home pages. The sticky add to cart button that is animated in videos has converted customers already. Support staff is very helpful too.

1911 Holsters
앱 사용 기간 8일
2019년 11월 12일

This app is incredibly useful for enabling visitors to purchase a product while watching a product video. Within 48 hours we started to see the results! Totally worth the $15/month. 

Real Alligator Wallets
앱 사용 기간 7일
2019년 11월 12일

Outstanding app. I am shocked there are not more of these apps on shopify. This app is makes it so easy for customers to watch a video and add the product to cart as they watch the video. Perfect for product videos.

Southern Trapper
앱 사용 기간 6일