Product Video Launchrr

Product Video Launchrr


Demonstrate your product

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Increased sales

Customers are far more likely to purchase a product when they can see a video of the product in use.

Increased clicks and shares

Videos tend to be more compelling than still photos or text. More shares equal more clicks and more eyes on your store.

It’s a virtual demo

Easily explain the product’s key features and benefits

Product Video Launchrr 정보

The What

Using Video Launchrr you can embed a button onto your product page that will show a video demonstrating your product. We currently only support Youtube videos.

The How

All you need to do is upload your video on Youtube and select the product you would like it to display!

The Why

A full page of overwhelming text that no one will read, can instead be formatted into a concise video that many more will watch. Customers get information that is easy to understand, remember and even forward.

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