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Fecha de modificación: 31 de julio de 2023

I just started using this app but so far it offers a lot more than several others I tried and deleted. This one is a keeper!

After using it for a bit I have to say I really like the features in this app and feel it is perfect for my needs. However I took off one star from my original impression because the interface is strange as it has no scroll bars and lacks clarity, especially when editing position of videos, the look etc. This delayed my being able to use it because I simply could not clearly see how to get things done. The tutorial is not quite up to date which added to my difficulties since there is a bit of a mistmatch. Turns out a lot of the functionality is hiding under the fold but there is nothing to signal this and without the scroll bars to let me know, it took me a while to dig up the hidden settings sections.

Summer Indigo
Estados Unidos
5 días usando la aplicación
25 de septiembre de 2023

ıt really helps

Alrededor de 4 horas usando la aplicación
6 de febrero de 2023

xo love it djksajvfsagfsguifgurifugsdkahgvjgshcjbhvjxhvsgufrwfgrahfdsgafaldjJGDHGDJAGHJSDGSHCGHVVGFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
7 de mayo de 2021

Enjoy being able to have a pop up video on my store. Not the most user friendly layout when trying to do everything yourself, but customer service is great and helps very quickly.

6AM WorkShirts
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
10 de noviembre de 2021

Great app, so far it has helped generate sales. Only critique is that it's difficult to scroll up and insert video into the page sometimes.

Uptown Sox
5 meses usando la aplicación
29 de agosto de 2022

I install this app in my store. I like it. It does the job very well. Easy install and setup. Strongly recommend it.

Factory Ship2u
Estados Unidos
23 días usando la aplicación
6 de abril de 2022

To soon to tell. I'll let ya know know when I get a better feel for it. So far it's been a little complicated via mobile phone.

Frivolous Entertainment
Estados Unidos
19 días usando la aplicación
2 de marzo de 2022

love it, an easy setup. But the URL Import videos does not work though. I tried many times and it won't work. You can add chrome extensions for a video downloader that works for me.

16 días usando la aplicación
7 de marzo de 2022

I wanted to share tiktok video of me creating the art that I'm selling. app was easy to follow and use.

15 minutos usando la aplicación
8 de octubre de 2023

Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación