Vimotia ‑ Shoppable Videos

Vimotia ‑ Shoppable Videos

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TikTok-like Shoppable videos on your website, to boost sales

Getting Video with Ease

Auto sync video feeds with social @accounts and #hashtags, import videos from popular platforms, and upload directly from your device.

Interactive Shoppable Player

Add Buy Button, countdown timer, sales badge, convert ordinary videos into Shoppable videos, customers can buy products directly from videos

Swipe to Watch More Videos

Customers can watch more of your store videos with a simple swipe. Offer a TikTok-like video shopping experience in your store, boost sales

Vimotia ‑ Shoppable Videosの詳細情報

New “Swipe” feature, turn ordinary videos into Tiktok-like shoppable videos. Let your videos help you sell.

Why video?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. Videos have become one of the most effective ways to vividly demonstrate your brand story and products to your store visitors.

What is Shoppable Video?

Shoppable video is to add interactive widgets to any ordinary videos, such as in-player call-to-actions, "Add to Cart" button, etc., so customers can buy products with just one-click while they are watching your brand/product videos. With such interactive widgets, Shoppable video removes the friction between the video content and the purchasing process, it provides immersive experience for your customers to increase conversions and boost sales.

Vimotia ‑ Shoppable Video

Vimotia - Shoppable Video App is built to enable stores in any size and any phase to easily have their own shoppable videos. The App offers a full suite of tools including video import/upload, in-App video editor, customizable player, multifunctional interactive widgets, and performance analytics. Using Vimotia, you can turn any ordinary video content into effective shoppable videos, delivers direct and instant sales.

Swipe - TikTok-like Video Shopping Experience

Vimotia offer a "swipe" feature, customers can watch more videos from your store with a simple swipe, just like TikTok. They are more likely to find interested products while watching more videos, once they do, they can buy the products directly from the videos. With "Swipe", you can offer a trending immersive shopping experience right in your store, and boost sales.

Video Import and Upload:

  • Import videos from the most popular product sources such as AliExpress, Amazon, etc.
  • Import videos from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc
  • Upload video files directly from desktop and mobile devices

In-App Video Editor:

  • Trim and cut videos
  • Resize and adjust video ratio
  • Add background music, mute original video
  • Adjust video playback speed
  • Add subtitles

Fully Customizable Player Position on Webpages:

  • Set video play button float at any position
  • Attach the video play button to any elements such as image slider
  • Insert the video player into any part of the webpage such as product description

Interactivate Widgets, Make Videos Shoppable:

  • Add to Cart button
  • Annotation links
  • Countdown timer
  • Promotional message
  • Sales badges
  • Player frame decoration
  • Customizable widget display time and position

Performance Analytics, Data-informed Video Commerce:

  • statistics about impressions, plays, play time, actions and clicks

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Serenity Fashion Wear

The app is easy, quick and their support help is great! I use the app to provide demonstration of products by video.

Micronesia Fashion Boutique

I love that my product video is now installed and is getting a lot of views. The customer service on this app is excellent. Always quick to respond and very helpful. Thank you again!

Rejuva Fresh

This application so useful! It offers so many features not found in other applications in Shopify App Store. First of all you can import videos from so many places, so you’re not limited to YouTube or your own home-made videos. Also there is a lot of customization available, even on the free plan if you are just starting out. But if you want even more customization and features you can go for the paid plan. Either way it’s nice because the application is easy to set up and you can give your customers product pages that feature helpful videos, and position those videos in the exact location you choose. Plus, if customers love the video and are tempted to buy, then they can easily click Add to Cart immediately without even going back to the product description. If those are features you want for your shopify store then I certainly recommend this app! By the way, If you want to see an example of a video in my store you can check this page: