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Video Email Campaigns by Dynavi

Video Email Campaigns by Dynavi

Developed by Dynavi

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  • Personalized video message to each customer
  • Increase returning customers and overall revenue per customer
  • Seamless mailchimp integration


Everyone wants to feel special. Here’s your chance to address your customers with the most engaging approach: a personalized video message specially made for them.

Move ahead of your competition and create a personalized video for all of your customers, to surprise them with a meaningful message.

Dynavi now integrates with mailchimp to create a campaign that includes a personalized video. Create a campaign to promote a product, or simply nurture your customers into lifelong fans.

How it works

  1. Select on of Dynavi's engaging video template.

  2. Add your own text.

  3. Optional: select a product to be promoted.

  4. Connect your mailchimp account and choose a mailchimp list.

  5. Click "Start" and Dynavi will update your mailchimp list with a URL for a unique video per subscriber.

  6. Copy the code snippet created by Dynavi into an email campaign.

  7. Send the campaign: each user will receive their own unique video

Why use Video Email Campaigns?

  • Personalized messages are engaging.

  • Videos are engaging.

  • Personalized videos are best at conveying your message, and drive the customer into action.

Try it for free. It only takes 5 minutes to create a personalized campaign. If you are not completely satisfied with the results - simply remove the app and you won’t be charged.


As a launch promotion, you can send 100 monthly video emails for free. Need more? No problem, we have premium plans for up to 10K monthly emails. Need something special? drop us a note at support@dynavi.com and we'll find something that works for you.

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Looks like a great app, reasonably priced. I would recommend a less technically oriented marketing video above, however. That belongs in the help section. Here, you should have a big picture "this is what you get solved for you problem wise benefit wise with this app video."


I am in France.
I have a mailchimp
I Try to use this app all night.
Status always on "Not Started"

If i want to show a product --->>> image is good but name is not good
The name of the product is always the first product of my list.

I send a message and Tal Dyvani fix it ! Good Stuff

Now i am going to use it and will make new review later !


Free plan: manage up to 100 monthly subscribers.

Gold plan: manage up to 1000 monthly subscribers for only $14/month.

Platinum plan: manage up to 10K monthly subscribers for only $39/month.



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