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Redigerat 31 juli 2022

I installed the app to my client's store from the very beginning, 2-3 years ago, when they had only a few customers. It worked like a trash, but I was patient. Claudia - the CEO - asked me for ideas to improve the app, and he provided FREE FOR LIFE to my account. Now the app has changed a lot, and a lot of those change were the ideas I shared with them. About a year ago, suddenly his staffs did not give me full access to the app --> Claudiu apologized that nobody in his team knows that special offer Free For Life, they fixed it and gave me full access again. AND NOW, SUDDENLY THAT THING HAPPENED AGAIN! They removed the feature which I was able to use from the beginning, and ask me to pay to use it. THEY BROKE THEIR PROMISE, AGAIN AND AGAIN! They made me feel wrong with my client because I promised my client that he can use the app FREE FOR LIFE which Claudiu the CEO told me. They stole my ideas, they promised good things, they beg me to remove the negative review, and when they get some more customers, they broke their promise. SUCH A HORRIBLE AND UNTRUSTABLE COMPANY! SHAME ON YOU GUYS, EVEN CANNOT KEEP A SIMPLE PROMISE! ****************************************************
Blackmail?? Sounds funny PROMISE BREAKER! No worry, I no longer want that feature which you called "premium" while it was promised to be FREE FOR LIFE for my account :)) I have all photos, emails as proofs of what you Claudiu promised me, and I don't mind if anyone asks me for those proofs, just email me . I'm telling the truth so I'm not afraid of that. Shame on you guys!
One thing I forgot to mention: my client (the cosmetic company) used to blame me because they received a lot of spam emails from you guys advertising for the service, even without a Unsubscribe button. That's annoying, stop it!

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Videowise svarade 30 juli 2022

VideoWise has notified Shopify regarding this user's harassment of our team and blackmail attempt with this 1-star review.

Shopify's official reply:
"People like the individual you encountered are an unfortunate but persistent reality in business, it’s extremely unlikely that any app provider will exist without getting some negative reviews.

The response you provided to the review was great, and it does a tremendous job portraying what your company stands for and your ongoing professionalism. This will go along way with your current and future clients. - Adam (Shopify Support)"

We have respectfully tried countless times to invite this user to a conversation but they have continued this abusive and condescending behavior.

At VideoWise, we deeply care about customer success, we work closely with some of the top Shopify brands and our other reviews anywhere else show that.

Claudiu Cioba
Founder & CEO of Videowise