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DIY Interactive Videos

DIY Interactive Videos

Developed by VideoStir

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  • Sell your products using unique, personal videoclips that have no background and float over your shop’s content.
  • Save time & money by not having to use a professional green or blue screens - any solid color background will do, and our engine will automatically do the rest.
  • Engage your customers using customizable, interactive actions performed by your clips.

Videostir’s DIY Interactive Videos automatically transforms videos into interactive floating clips for your shop: any subject, shot from any camera, is in a few minutes transformed into a live, fully customizable transparent clip that engages and interacts with customers.

Just film a video in front of a uniform color background (any color is ok: for example, a white wall or a blue sky will do) and be amazed by Videostir’s background removal technology. Then, if needed, customize the newly generated clip to better meet your goals: you can use its features to boost your customers’ engagement, your sales, or to add a personal touch to your shop.


Video Size and Position

You can define your video's size and on-page position.

On-Page Motion

This feature helps you direct your visitors’ attention to where it matters the most, by having your clip scroll through your webpage or move sideways in it. Point the important stuff out to your visitors – literally.

Video Click- Through URL

You can easily determine where your visitors will go after they click on your video using our click through URL feature. Increase conversions by making sure your visitors reach the pages that are important to you; or improve your shop’s user experience by having the clip initiate a chat... The possibilities are endless.

Engagement controls

This set of features were created with your site visitors in mind. Our friendly video features let you control the manner and amount of times your clip is displayed to the same visitor. You can determine if your clip start with our without audio, as well as the amount of times it auto plays or is displayed at all to a returning visitor.


There are endless ways you can use our app: our technology gives you the freedom to use it however suits you and your shop the best. A few examples will make it easier to let your imagination go:

Website Video Spokesperson

Create a personalized shop experience, guide your users through your website and point out the important stuff to increase conversions and sales.

Special Deals and Limited-Time-Offers

Keep your visitors updated with your special deals and limited-time-offers to increase sales. Create and add dedicated clips that promote your current deals to your shop.

Message of The Day / Week / Month

Connect with your users by sharing your message of the day, week or month using an interactive clip.

Thank You Message

Connect with your visitors by personally thanking them for their purchase, registration, or subscription. Build loyalty and engagement by adding a personal touch to your website / blog, and showing your visitors exactly how much you appreciate them.

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