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Engage and convert your visitors using smart videos.

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Increase customer engagement

Get closer to your clients by automating videos along their journey on your store. Amplify your mediums of communication using video popups.

Make your store trustworthy

Break the ice with your customers. Give additional details. Reassure them. Thank buyers and invite them to come back. Just like in a shop!

Influence purchase decision

Showcase your products when visitors are looking for more information. A popup video with a good timing leads to a higher conversion rate.

有關 Vidjet ‑ Popup Videos

Authentic touchpoints along the customer journey creates memorable experiences.

That leads to engaging and lasting relationships with customers, and positively impacts your revenue. Vidjet enables e-merchants to engage with their customers, using video popups. These short videos are triggered on visitors’ actions in chosen pages.

Use cases

  • Product videos
  • Thank buyers
  • Welcome visitors
  • Announce sales and promotions
  • Retain leaving visitors
  • Update on latest info
  • Any other ones! Just be creative!

Publish your video within seconds using our campaign creator

  1. Pick a use case
  2. Upload your video
  3. Select a format and add elements
  4. Choose page URLs and select a trigger
  5. Preview and publish!

Add elements to your video

  • Button redirecting to another URL
  • Button containing a coupon code
  • Title
  • Custom colors

Deliver the right video at the right moment

  • Smart targeting: device type, page URL, traffic source, view restrictions per visitor to avoid intrusiveness
  • Smart triggers: exit intent, time delay, page scroll, instant display

Monitor your customer engagement with our real-time dashboard

  • Number of impressions
  • Play rate
  • Clicks on button rate
  • Average view time of your campaigns
  • Analyze several campaigns simultaneously
  • Analyze results on desktop, mobile, or both

A modern design

Our video popup formats suit any website. Our designers made sure it doesn't impact the user experience and the layout of your website.

Who makes videos?

Videos should be personal and authentic. It can be you, your marketers, designers, store managers, ambassadors or founders.

How to record videos?

Just use your own device (mobile, camera, etc) and upload it to Vidjet from your computer.

What short-terms benefits do our clients get?

  • More conversions from new visitors - When a visitor sees your face, you become a person they can relate to, and your website appears to be trustworthy.
  • More repeat purchases - Engaged customers tend to come back browsing on your store to experience again the innovative buying journey.
  • More leads / visitors - The visual aspect of our video popups increase the share rate of your website's pages by your customers.
  • First mover advantage - Be the first over your competitors and increase your brand recognition.

You’re only a few clicks away to humanize your store. Join Vidjet today and get your first videos up and running for free! Any questions? Our team will be happy to help!

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  • Up to 5.000 pageviews / month
  • Up to 5 videos
  • Vidjet Branding
  • All core features


每月 $29

  • Up to 50.000 pageviews / month
  • Up to 20 videos
  • No Vidjet Branding
  • All core features
  • Basic support


每月 $59

  • Up to 150.000 pageviews / month
  • Up to 50 videos
  • No Vidjet Branding
  • All core features
  • Basic support


每月 $119

  • Up to 500.000 pageviews / month
  • Up to 100 videos
  • No Vidjet Branding
  • All core features
  • Premium support

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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Horus X

Super application et super service de la part de l'équipe Vidjet ! Un beau futur pour cette application.



Merci beaucoup pour votre avis ! Heureux que notre produit et service vous plaisent. Nous restons disponibles si vous avez la moindre question.


Funciona realmente bien. Carga muy rápido y es muy intuitivo para prepararla. Muy recomendable. Enhorabuena!



Os agradecimos mucho por su revista! Estamos siempre a disposición si tenéis cualquiera duda o si necesitáis recomendaciones!

Vidjet was extremely easy to set up - it was done in a matter of minute really. The video did not impact the site performance and it really supported our conversion rate. A great app all in all, well done !



Happy to read that! Thanks a lot for the kind words.