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Create Scarcity by Showing Live Visitors in Your Store.

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Innovative Social Proofing

Motivate your clients by displaying active shoppers on your store while increasing demand and trust by building social proof in your store.

Customizable Widget Features

Choose from multiple different widget designs which allow you to create easy custom made styles following your store's theme.

Fully Mobile Responsive

Loads instantly on page load. ViewZilla also looks great on multiple devices since it is fully mobile responsive.

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About ViewZilla - Shoppers Display

Were you looking for an app that makes your e-commerce store seem popular? Then look no further.

ViewZilla - Shoppers Display is an easy-to-use widget that shows how many visitors are active in the store. Our widget allows merchants to have the ability to set parameters so that it can be the actual number of people in the store or a randomly generated number within a predefined range.

This application allows your customers to see your store in high demand by showing the popularity of your products. It will also give your customers a sense of scarcity for your products.

Once you download ViewZilla - Shoppers Display, the fun begins. Here's how it works:

  1. Connect the URL of the website where you want the widget to be shown.
  2. Select a design preference from multiple design options.
  3. Select where you want to display the widget in store.
  4. Select the values for the range of numbers or the actual shoppers count.
  5. Choose the location of the widget where you want to display it in your store.
  6. Customize the chosen design option so it goes with your store's theme.
  7. Click the Save button to save all your settings to see changes on your site.
  8. Done!


Social Proofing Like Never Before

Merchants want to be able to show off their stores with popularity and that a high number of people are looking at their products. The active shoppers' widget gives the store social proof and increases your demand and trust by building social proof in your e-commerce store. The number of active shoppers being displayed on the widget updates every 45 seconds.

Catchy Designs

There are multiple catchy design options to choose from. We know you won’t like the one standard boring design we give you, so that’s why we provided you, the merchants, some options which might be more suitable for your theme.

Fully Customizable

Each design you choose to your liking will allow you full customizable features such as text, colour, borders, etc. Each design can be uniquely tailored to go hand in hand with your theme.

Easy to Use

Set up of the app is easy to understand and pretty straightforward. This allows merchants to set up the widget to ensure smooth flowing of the app making it easier to follow.

Mobile Responsive

Fully mobile responsive designs which adapt to the different mobile screen sizes making it easier for those tech-savvy customers who will be looking at your Shopify stores through their mobile devices.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our support team will be more than happy to assist you with any questions/concerns that you may have. We are always available to provide support!

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I installed this application and it does not work and it also broke my theme ... unfortunately I had a backup!


Doesn't work and bad settings page too clunky. Why has this even been approved? This problem needs to be fixed

Respuesta del desarrollador

12 de mayo de 2021

Thank you for your review. I'm very sorry to hear this. We strongly appreciate the feedback. The issue is now fixed. We have sent a follow up to your email at Please engage and we will set up in your store.