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22. August 2023

Simply did not work (gift cards would not be the correct amount). Support was bad when trying to fix the issue. Would not recommend.

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Bearbeitet am 6. Mai 2024

Updated review May 6, 2024 (15 months later).
I discovered today that my gift cards were no longer showing the custom options that I put on them over a year ago. After exchanging messages with support, I discovered that at some point, the ability to add these options was moved from the free plan (the only plan available when I got the app) to a paid plan.

I was never informed that I'd need to start paying 9.99 per month to keep these options, and instead the features just stopped working. So for *how long*, I have no idea, my pages have just had blank squares where gift card images should be.

It just feels like a bait and switch. I have a lot of time invested in creating these and at no point was I informed that the features I was using and building would one day be under the paid umbrella.

I understand that companies must make money, and with the additional features of paid plans I may have one day upgraded. But to TAKE A MAJOR FEATURE away is pretty terrible service.

I am on the search for something else as I no longer feel this is trustworthy.

Previous review February 2023:

In just the days I have had this I have seen improvements in the capabilities of this app—the support is very responsive to the questions and requests I have made, and I love that I can create multiple gift cards with different designs for events and occasions. There was one thing I couldn't work out and I set them up as collaborator to fix it and by the next morning it was fixed. By all means, look up my website to see how good the gift cards look.
Thanks so much!

The Metal Peddler
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