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4. Februar 2020

this is an excellent app only flaw u cant save the videos
maybe they will update that apart from that the videos created are really stunning and professional

Vereinigtes Königreich
6 tage mit der App
27. August 2019

I love this app and the potential it has! I gave it 4 stars for 2 reasons. One, they allow us to upload it to Facebook, Shopify and YouTube, Instagram needs to be one of those apps. Instagram is a major portion of the social media in regards to brands. Two, we cannot download or save the video for future use. That’s not really productive especially if we want to upload to other channels.

NeeshaValore Designs Shop
Vereinigte Staaten
4 monate mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 28. August 2019

Thanks for reaching out, we appreciate your feedback. We would love Instagram to be an app you can share to from web, as well! We are waiting for the moment Instagram rolls out the option for web sharing and then we will definitely open up that option for our users. You are able to save videos on Videofy for future use, and the download option should be available soon. We're so happy that you love the app and hope you continue creating wonderful videos for your store.

23. Juli 2019

Best Best Best!!!! There could be a few examples of films, with the possibility of processing. Superrr

6 tage mit der App
20. Oktober 2019

This app is fun to work with and very useful for pushing your products. Plus it's FREE, now you just can't beat that.

Reo's Boutique
Vereinigte Staaten
6 tage mit der App
6. Januar 2020

this video application is very easy to use and very usefull. ithelps to make nice, quick and cute videos

Armance Black
4 monate mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 9. Januar 2020

Thanks! We're really glad you liked the App.
Would you mind sharing what was missing? We'd love to earn that extra star from you!

Bearbeitet am 20. Oktober 2020

the videos are great but I couldn't upload to Facebook properly cause it appeared as a link to your dashboard and didn't appear in FB as a regular vid. when I tried again I was asked basically to let the app see & MANAGE all my FB business content. you should ask that before you waste ppls time...

qring store
6 monate mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 21. Oktober 2020

Oh no! We’re sorry to learn that you are having issues. Please reach out to us directly by opening Videofy and clicking on Settings --> Contact Support so we can further assist you.

13. Oktober 2020

I used the app to make vids of photos, works good. Keep improvin, good work thanks! im trying to edit videos here not sure if i can do it only 15 mins in app

Costa Rica
3 monate mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 15. Oktober 2020

Our app uses advanced technology Artificial Intelligence to create your movie. If you’d like to make changes, you can do so after the initial rendering by tapping ‘Edit’. You can shorten, extend, or select different parts of your video clips using the trim tool. Is there something else that we could do to turn this 4-star rating into a 5-star rating?

4. Juli 2020

Woow !!! Great app make it easy for me to edit my Facebook ads with my products images highly recommended . Thank you

Beauty & Face Done
Vereinigte Staaten
6 tage mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 5. Juli 2020

Well we are certainly happy to know that you are easily creating your work with our app! Thank you very much for the lovely review and rating!

20. November 2019

Good and inspiring for business engagements, it worth alot , i recommend to all marketers for a better result

Ezeigbo modern technology products
3 monate mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 9. Dezember 2019

Thanks for the feedback. Let us know how can we earn that extra star from you :)

16. Dezember 2019

i enjoy using this app .
good app for showing my brand and products to customers
thnk you for updates
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