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15. Juli 2020

The variety of fonts, music and landscape/format images don't quite offer enough variety, my brand is very specific, would love to utilize if there were more options. It is very user friendly though. Thank you

Pauline Farace Beauty
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Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 19. Juli 2020

Thank you for your feedback. Your input will be taken into consideration as we’re constantly working on improving our product and service.

18. Juni 2020

I found this app easy to use though I could not change the font colour. But I was happy with the outcome. The only reason for 4 stars not 5 is that I could not see how to add code to my website and it did not download to my you tube page. But I have contacted support so hope to get this sorted.

Ivan Jones Artist
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 7 monate
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 21. Juni 2020

Hi there, thank you for your review! We are glad to read that you found our app easy to use! Our styles are customizable, meaning you can change the font and the colors of the style. The minimalist styles such as "No Filter," "Glass," and "Moments," allow the creator to customize the font but not the color of the font. We see that you have reached out to our support team, they should be able to get all of this sorted for you.

Bearbeitet am 7. Juni 2020

I Love your app. It makes short quick videos really easy. I also like I can post it easily embedded with my specific product. You ROCK for that. I also like how I can post to social media easily.
I gave you a 4 rating because: I do not like the timestamp on the video name. There also appears no way also just download the video in case of needs to post on a social media platform, or re-modify and add voice audio in another app like Camtasia. I also do not like that you just drop in the hashtags and blurb without giving us an option. You could do something to not make it so UGLY, like Made with ( HEART) by ( USERID/Company) and Magisto.
That being said, it is a free tool that you have given us, and I really like it.
I want to thank you, and anyone that lacks skills like I do should use this especially if they want a quick and simple way to make a short product display.
I HIGHLY Recommend Videofy / Magisto. Great App.

Vereinigte Staaten
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Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 14. Juni 2020

Thank you for taking the time to review our App. We appreciate your feedback and your input will be taken into consideration as we're constantly aiming to improve Videofy.
As for the time stamp, please note that you can edit the title of your video during the editing process on the top left corner of the screen. Our support team will be happy to further elaborate with screenshots via Settings > Contact Support. We'd love to better understand and help with the hashtag comment too if you don't mind dropping us a line :)
Although we currently don't offer the option to download the video, you can share the video directly via the App to YouTube and Facebook.
We hope this helps and would love to hear any other feedback you may have!

5. Juni 2020

This is really top; and I my opinion, that's exactly the tools we need. good jobs guys..............

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4. Juni 2020

It's an amazing app. I did 2 videos to test it and they were great, although the video quality can improve a little bit. I see that the option to share to Instagram is coming soon so that awesome but I would like to also have an option to download them so I can share it to other places.

The Savings Shack
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17. Mai 2020

Giving a 4 star for now, because I'm new to using your app and will resubmit a new review later. I'm using your app for creating my first Youtube product video and so far it is going good.

Healthy Movements
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Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 17. Mai 2020

Hey there, thanks for rating our App. Let us know how the video turned out :)

7. Mai 2020

Great & easy app, especially for those of us who are NOT tech savvy! I only wish we could DOWNLOAD IT tho! After reading months worth of these reviews & Magisto's responses, I'm seeing tons of others so much wanting this option- to download our own videos we are making.. So many mentions by developer of this option "being available soon, within the next few months", and here we are in MAY & no downloading still?!! PLEASE?!
I'm already paying a small fortune for the Magisto iOS App to make videos, which they are basically the same (I think? Again- I'm not a tech guru, so...) The main difference I'm noticing is being able to directly add it to our Shopify stores. Otherwise, I could just save the video from original Magisto App, then (figure out how) to manually add it to my store...
Lastly, I wish the sizing could be easier. I have so many mixed square, portrait, & lansdscape favorite photos, I have to resize all of the photos I want to use beforehand, which is a super time guzzler!

All in all, it really is a great App! I like the music tracks we can add to it also.
Will be patiently awaiting the long-promised download option! :)

Dream Leggings
Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 2 monate
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 26. Mai 2020

Thank you for sharing your feedback and for being a loyal creator with Videofy and Magisto. We appreciate it!
You're right, the download option is not available yet. While we don't have an ETA at the moment, we'll make sure to communicate it once it's live, so stay tuned!
In the meantime, you can create unlimited videos and embed them to your store and post them to social media for free.
As for the sizing, Videofy basically supports all formats that are "natively" supported by iOS, Android and Windows OS.
Please feel free to reach out with any other feedback or concerns via the App at Settings > Contact Support.
We'd love to hear more and look forward to helping you resolve the issue so you can continue creating with Videofy!

26. April 2020

Muy buena aplicación!! los videos son cortos y eficientes, se pueden adaptar muy bien y sirven para hacer promoción de la web.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 10 tage
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 27. April 2020

Gracias por tu comentario!

20. April 2020

I love how simple it is to make some awesome videos I started using Videofy just about an hour or less and I have already made 2 videos to me that is amazing, Thank you.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 2 monate
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 20. April 2020

Thanks for sharing! So happy to read you're happy with your videos. Keep creating :)

26. März 2020

This app is pretty great, It makes creating product videos easy. However, this app will need more editing tools so that when more people have, they don't seem the same and others can have their own unique videos. Moreover, I wish you could download the video from the app, but you have to post it somewhere else and then download it from there which can be a pain.

Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 9 monate
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 30. März 2020

Thank you for your feedback. We completely understand how important it is to have the option to download the videos. Rest assured, this feature along with many others, will be available in the near future once we launch our paid subscription.
Please note, you can embed the videos to your store and post them to social media directly through the App.
We hope this helps, keep creating!