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19. Dezember 2019

Reading these other reviews, it seems most people aren't having these issues. Maybe I'm just inept, but I have spent the last 2 days trying to get a video created and posted somewhere. First, the videos wouldn't render and just rendered for hours and hours. Today, I'm not having that issue so I thought I was in the clear. The process to make the videos is extremely easy and I'm very pleased with that, but many of my pictures are not cropped correctly and look funny with the templates, so it's been a process finding pictures that will work and aren't halfway cropped out since there's no way to manually adjust. Finally, got that solved and the video saved. Now, every time I try to post my video somewhere while I'm typing in the description the page jumps and deletes everything I have. I have not been able to successfully post a video anywhere due to that problem so that's been frustrating. This app has great potential, but it's simply been too buggy for me to use right now. Note: I reached out to customer support and have not heard back.

Terrestrial Organics LLC
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 23. Dezember 2019

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. We're so sorry to hear that you are having issues. That shouldn’t happen!
Our records show that the support team got in touch with you. We will be following up with you on the same ticket just to make sure that everything is working fine now.
We do see that the next videos were successfully created. If you're still having issues or have any questions, feel free to reply to our email. We're happy to help.
Team Videofy

31. März 2021

It's a very basic video editing platform, but it remains a decent option for creating high-impact social videos.

NorthWest Buffalo Trading Co
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 4. April 2021

Thank you for your review. Is there something else that we could do to turn this 3-star rating into a 5-star rating?

26. Dezember 2019

It's a great app but keeps refreshing to videos before I could even make a post! Besides that it is very easy to use

Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 29. Dezember 2019

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. It sounds like this is a support issue. Could you reach out to us directly at Settings > Contact Support? We will be happy to troubleshoot and help resolve this issue.

28. Mai 2021

Great app. I have use this app in the past to create videos without a problem, however just a few days ago i wanted to create a video for my product page. Video was created without an issue but did not work in my product page. Contacted Yelena she was nice and patient however at the end it didn't work. Video was not working in my product page. she said i needed to contact a web developer....?

Vereinigte Staaten
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 30. Mai 2021

Hi and thank you for your feedback.
Further to our ticket correspondence - Vimeo Create for Shopify allows you to quickly create videos for your Shopify store and products.
The output is a video file that can be added as media to your product page, or an embed code, which can be pasted into the HTML of your website.
As for the latter - making adjustments to your website code (including changing the code in order to position the video in a different spot) is outside of our support scope and requires developers knowledge.
You can try placing it in different parts of the code to see how it works for you, yet we highly recommend that you contact and consult with a developer to make sure the process is performed properly.

30. Mai 2021

I love this app, it is great for creating videos for my products to put on my FB and YouTube. However, that's a lot of dough to fork over for a small business trying to broaden their reach. Why not offer monthly for the Pro or even Business? That's the reason I'm only giving three stars - their tiers subscription, Personal you can pay monthly, but business not?

Kat's Closet Apparel & Beauty
Vereinigte Staaten
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 31. Mai 2021

We appreciate your feedback. Vimeo Create offers various subscription tiers in addition to our free Basic service. You can compare the prices and differences between them at the following link -

Bearbeitet am 4. April 2020

Great video effect and quality. Easy to use especially for people not familiar with video editing. However search function has been removed at the select product step, so it is not practical for store with hundreds of products anymore.
Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 5. April 2020

Hey there, thanks for reaching out.
I'm glad to let you know that our teams are working on a fix which should be released shortly and the 'Search Product' option should be live again within the next couple of days.
Thanks for your understanding and keep creating!

Bearbeitet am 16. Januar 2020

I just added a video to sharing to Facebook, But I cannot find it anywhere.
I share a video on YouTube successfully but it did not let me to input any description. (After a few days I do it again it shows the option now)
It was better than shopify a little bit. And the control panel is really bad. It has a long way to improve.
I have input so many character and you did not let me to submit the review what happened? Just because I’m not give you five stars? Then I will give you a 3 stars only as I’m going to give you four stars at the beginning.

CAPABO - explore - design - invent
Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 19. Januar 2020

Hi, thanks for reaching out. This sounds like a support issue. Could you reach out at Settings > Contact Support so we can better understand the issue you encountered on our end?

Bearbeitet am 17. Oktober 2020

Easy to use but the despite (eventually) connecting to youtube, the video never appeared. When added to product page the video appeared (in mini size) on the top bar instead of the product page.

Annika Burman Jewellery
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 18. Oktober 2020

Oh no! We’re sorry to learn that you are having issues. Please reach out to us directly by opening Videofy and clicking on Settings --> Contact Support so we can further assist you.

17. Juli 2019

need to be able to upload to IG. Need more variety of music/songs for videos. I'm not sure if I am able to upload more than 1 photo. Doesn't appear that I can.

Affirmation Attire
Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 18. Juli 2019

Thanks for your feedback! A wide variety of music can be found in our Editor section (after you create a first video draft). You can upload numerous photos to your videos in that section too; the initial ones are automatically taken from your store's product page. Instagram sharing isn't available for the time being due to their integration limitations. We hope this info helps. Please try editing your draft video and let us know if you require additional assistance. Always at your service, the Videofy Team.

16. Juli 2019

although the app is simple to use and awesome, yet there is no option to save the vid or export to instagram! somehow, my facebook account isnt letting this app post!

Vereinigte Staaten
11 monate mit der App
Vimeo, Inc. hat geantwortet 17. Juli 2019


Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear you think the app is easy to use and works well.
Downloading and Instagram sharing is in plans and hopefully we will have that soon on the platform.
Lastly, regarding Facebook, if possible, I'd like to contact you by mail and help you. I believe it is a simple matter of permissions.
In order to contact you in private, and help you resolve this issue, please contact us ( so we can further look into the Facebook sharing issues you encounter.
If you have opened a ticket through our support, please ignore the above. Someone will respond shortly.

Let me know if you need any further assistance,
Team Videofy