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Sync your wine catalogue and boost sales

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Save time

Automatically create your products from your catalogue and keep your store in sync.

Boost your sales

Your product pages are beautifully designed with all your wine data, you increase your conversion rate.

Improve customer experience

In addition to facilitating your e-commerce, offers additional services such as the tasting sheet to be offered on delivery.

Acerca de : wine product page has been supporting more than 3,000 wine & champagne producers in their digital transformation in France since 2014.

The platform is an all-in-one solution for centralizing brand and product information, creating electronic and printed catalogs, and ensuring their publication and instant update on all of its communication and sales channels.

With the application for Shopify, you synchronize your wine catalogue with your store in order to enhance your wines' presentation, enrich the customer experience and boost your sales.

Synchronize your wine catalogue with your store in one click

With the application for Shopify: select a product from your catalogue, click on Share and it is automatically created on your store. You can also export all the products of a brand or your entire catalogue in one click. You complete the prices, availability and variants for each product on your store.

Your product pages are enriched and updated live

Your product is created starting from the name of your wine, your visuals and short presentation. The detailed presentation, your advices, distinctions and technical specifications are embeded in tabs fed in real time by The brand, type, vintage and appellation are recorded as a tag in order to facilitate the creation of collections.

Integrate other applications

Subscribe to and discover many additional apps such as the tasting sheet that your customers can download or receive in their package but also the QR codes to integrate in the back label or in your packaging to invite your customers to renew their purchase.

Contact the support team if you need help, advice or support to take full advantage of our platform and the application for Shopify.

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  • Create shopify products in one clic
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  • Create shopify products in one clic
  • Product Page ready-made design
  • Sync catalogue
  • Automatic update

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Reseñas más recientes

Boutique Sipp Mack

Our website has used Vinternet's pages to present our wines since 2001. Dedicated to the world's very complex wine industry, Vinternet continually adapts to the rapidly changing digital advances in marketing. Recently, they developed their program for Shopify boutiques. In early November this year, our Shopify boutique was created in record time using our files. All information transferred immediately. Anything we wish to update or change is easily accessible. What a game-changer! Bravo!

Domaine des Bernardins

Nous utilisons depuis 2012. Aujourd'hui c'est une super nouvelle de voir le partenariat de & shopify. Ainsi notre catalogue produits est importé dans notre boutique en ligne en quelques secondes. Et surtout lors de la mise à jour de nos fiches produits sur, la mise à jour de la boutique est automatique. En plus d'avoir la sécurité que l'informations sur les vins et la même sur tous les supports, le gain de temps est énorme.
Bravo !