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The set up of Virtue was easy and quick. a wide catalogue of charities available! I highly recommend Virtue!


Love what this app can do - super easy to install and when I needed some custom changes to make the customer experience a little easier the team were super helpful and responsive. Now can't wait to hopefully see lots of charity donations roll in!

Natal Active

As a brand we wanted to donate to a charity and Virtue have made this so easy for us with this app. Nothing is too much trouble for them if you need help ''which i did'' So I highly recomend this app and the team behind it.
Thanks guys +++++


Virtue was very easy to set up. There are plenty of charities to choose from and I would highly recommend Virtue for others to use.

King's Parlour
Pledger Giving Ltd 已回覆 2023年1月17日

Hello, stoked to have you on-board! Thanks for a great review. If you ever need a hand with anything - please reach out. Many thanks, Virtue Team


Fantastic application and super helpful support team who help you every step of the way. Convenient and easy to setup and it looks great on any Shopify store- one of our favourite Shopify apps yet.

Ascend Keyboards
Pledger Giving Ltd 已回覆 2023年1月17日

Awesome to have you on-board and thank you for making a difference with Virtue! We are excited to see so much impact generated by Ascend keyboards. Many thanks, Virtue Team


Brilliant app and even better support. The team went out of their way to help us get set up, answer all questions and make sure everything worked for our needs. Highly recommended!

Pledger Giving Ltd 已回覆 2023年1月17日

Super working with you. Loved being a part of Bother's giving campaign. Many thanks, Virtue Team


We used this app for our Green Friday campaign. The team at Virtue were super helpful. They jumped on a Zoom call to help get the app up and running. They replied quickly and thoroughly at every step along the way. It was great to have their support in making sure the app was integrated correctly on our theme, performed how we wanted it to for our customers and the whole campaign ran smoothly as a result. It really felt like we were a team working together on this. Thank you Virtue!

Pledger Giving Ltd 已回覆 2022年12月1日

Thank you so much! We are so glad we were able to support and be a part of getting the campaign live. Love AYM & World Land Trust collaboration. Epic work.


We've used Virtue to quickly and easily add a storewide giving campaign to our site without having to manage donations or touch payments - game changer. As a brand we've wanted to add a give-back program for a long time to increase our positive impact, but handling the day-to-day side of integrating with charities was always a big obstacle as we're a small team. For the upsides, the price of the platform is extremely competitive. In a few clicks Virtue was setup with our favoured charity and we had impact badges added to the site to grow awareness with new and returning customers. Since doing so we're seeing improved conversion rates and our customers love knowing they're supporting a cause close to their hearts every time they shop which we're confident will only help loyalty in the long run. Thanks Westen, Mariya & all the virtue team for your help - would definitely recommend to others looking to make a positive difference through their brand and products!

Pawdaw of London
Pledger Giving Ltd 已回覆 2022年12月1日

Thank you so much! Stoked that we were able to support in getting this live and running smoothly. If you ever need anything - reach out. Virtue Team


Makes giving to Charity easy - a good range of organisations supported, and widgets look fine on shopify store. Sure to increase trust and won't hurt your conversion rate either. We're not quite at Bill Gates levels of philanthropy, but we're happy to do our part!

Blue Horizon Blood Tests
Pledger Giving Ltd 已回覆 2022年12月1日

Thank you so much! Love the stores' giving concept and generosity. Its great to have you on-board. And if you ever need anything- please reach out. Kindly, Virtue Team


A great app that has transformed how the business manages its charity donations from product sales: no more data digging to calculate donation amounts for multiple charities and no more manual donation payments! The Virtue app handles all of that automatically. A big time saver and great for donation transparency too. Since adding Virtue’s store giving, we’ve also extended the functionality to include the app’s 'customer giving' feature. Customers can now choose to add to our store donations with donations of their own, post-checkout. The Virtue team is also very responsive to support requests, and to app enhancement requests. Recommended!

Jericho Coffee Traders
Pledger Giving Ltd 已回覆 2022年9月26日

Awesome to have Jericho Coffee Traders in the eco-system - we love what the brand stands for and the creativity behind your giving campaign! If you ever need anything - we'd love to help. Many thanks, Virtue Team