Smart Visual Search

Smart Visual Search

von VisionBrain

Provide customers with a unique experience by Visual Search

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Visual Apparel Search

Help your customers search for similar products by uploading images. Detect apparels in uploaded photos by using our AI-powered technology

Easy-to-use App

Start using the Smart Visual Search with only 2 clicks. We will sync and analyze your catalog automatically

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Engage more customers with visual search and increase their satisfaction. Gain a higher conversion rate and increase sales

Über Smart Visual Search

Why Visual Search?

  • As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words; so why not let your users search using a picture?
  • By enabling visual search in your store, your customers can upload an image that seems inspiring to them and search your catalog for visually similar products.
  • Sometimes it’s too difficult for customers to find their desired product using words. Adding a visual search option could massively help your customers search your catalog with more precision and less confusion.
  • Customers are getting less patient and prefer to see their time-consuming path to purchase shortened. Visual search can accelerate the whole process and be the perfect searching method for your customers.
  • Some customers have a specific product in mind when they arrive in your online store. If they have a visual search option, they can quickly find their product.
  • By providing a fast and fun search option to your customers, increase user engagement and customer satisfaction. Sit back and watch a significant boost in your conversion rates!

Smart Visual Search Features

  • Easy Setup: Just install the app and get going with one click! We instantly start fetching your products and classifying them using our AI-powered technology. All the necessary options for adjusting the look and behavior of the app are on the main page. No training is required!
  • User-Friendly UI for Customers: A floating icon will pop up in your storefront, and your customers will be able to click on the icon to use the visual search. They can either upload a file or use their cameras to capture an image and search for similar products instantly!
  • Fast and Accurate Apparel Search Engine: When a customer intends to search using an image, our AI-powered model detects apparels in the uploaded image and shows visually similar products to the customer.
  • Automatic Catalog Sync: There is no need to do anything in case of catalog change. Shopify instantly notifies us when a product changes (or a new one is added), and we update your search index automatically.

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Emaarkt Global

An absolute stunner. Initially there were some issues with image search and disturbance on my index page. However developer quickly fixed those issues and now it seems so unique that you can search products through images and moreover upon search the results are quite promising. Great job!!!!

Vanity Island Magazine

100% recommend! Amazing application, and great attentive customer service, always respond within 24hrs and willing to go out of their way. Lots of potential when more features become available!