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Datum úprav: 19. prosinec 2018

I've been with Vitals for about 10 days, I'm using about 14 applications of the set, they have it so well armed, so easy and well explained, so practical, it's amazing, everything works great, it does not slows down the store, but yes, we have to wait a few seconds to impact the applications. I have had little doubts, I sent them a message and they have answered IMMEDIATELY. My congratulations to the team of Vitals ♥

I add: they are improving day by day ... they add more applications, like, for example, they have just added instagram feeds ... and it is seen that they work permanently to improve and expand it even more.

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6. červen 2020

Costin Ciumpileac from customer success team gave me 1-to-1 tailored service when I had a problem with product description tabs module. We had the problem fixed by the time I woke up the next morning. Excellent, thank you Costin.

Baby U Pillow
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19. březen 2019

Best app I ever installed. Worth the money and smart integration to Shopify! Some apps are better than the original ones. Excellent Customer Service, they do things fast and they are pretty cool. Hope they will integrate others apps. I will implement it in my other shops asap

Ice Captain
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16. září 2020

I have been incredibly impressed with the level of customer service! They are quick to respond and quick to address any issues or questions. Very happy to be working with such a professional group!

Vegan Mia Organics
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22. říjen 2020

I download this application to not to pay for all other application. This application is very user friendly and the support!!!!!! The best thing about this app is the support they provide. I am in love with it. This trial will definitely turn in to a purchase with the apps and support they provide

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6. září 2020

The look and design of the app is good but on top of that i get customer service instantly, any minor questions i had were answered and i'm very pleased with the delivery thus far. I will be subscribing after.

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10. březen 2020

Amazing app that has so much to offer. I have been able to delete lots of other apps I was using as the same features are included on Vitals at a fraction of the cost. I'm still learning how to use some of the features and have had awesome support from Andrei & Vladimir who have been super quick to respond and have walked me through the process. A great app at a fantastic price. Thanks guys!

Saucy Ladies Intimates
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Vývojář Vitals odpověděl 16. březen 2020

Thank you for choosing VITALS! You're the best!

19. listopad 2021

Costin helped me super fast! Helped me figure out why my reviews werent showing up and even provided pictures

Rem Customs
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3. prosinec 2020

I used this app and really help to achieve all. The all apps in it are insane. And if we have any doubts the 24/7 customer service is ON. No need to worry.
I willl recommend this to everyone. Its Dope:)

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Datum úprav: 12. únor 2021

Genius app that's really so many apps in one. You won't find more functionality in a single app anywhere. It's really taking my store to a new level for a great price! Definitely give it a try.

Little Shop of Miniatures
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