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28. September 2023

The app features are nice, and the free trial period is decent to test the app, although I consider the price high for me at the moment, since I only used less than half of the built-in apps. Anyways, all of a sudden I started to have issues with this app, where I made changes and clicked "save" but the changes were not showing on my store, at least for me. Support tried to help but could not solve the issue after some time. Also for some reason I could not see the "Shipping Times" on my end, whereas they said they could see them. I guess I will look somewhere else.

Vereinigte Staaten
7 monate mit der App
8. Juni 2023

We do experience a lot of troubles with the "free gift" part. This does not go smooth at all. But the service of Kliphord D. is amazing! Super fast for adjusting designs on the our webshop. Thank you for your service!

3 monate mit der App
20. September 2023

i would like to give a special thanks to John Paul B. he helped me alot.
i did have a problem with the support emails tho.

Vereinigte Staaten
5 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 4. Oktober 2022

Una aplicación que llevo usando más de 1 año, en general está bien, tuve algún problema con alguna compatibilidad con una de las aplicaciones y otra aplicación pero quizás es culpa de la otra aplicación, no lo sé seguro. Intentaron ayudarme todo lo posible, eso es verdad.

Tienda Animal Luna y Copito
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
20. Mai 2021

Although I speak English .I regret that vitals do not have a Spanish version as shopify.Nothing at all even the videos.
With respect to the videos, screenshots are missed and step by step (since it is only English) something more didactic than a boy speaking to the camera. Any newscast since the 90's is more interactive.
8 monate mit der App
27. Mai 2022

New to this app and like all the options they provide instead of adding so many different apps and customer service is fast. I am just waiting for the preorder percentage off so i won't have to use another app for that option

Fason De Viv
Vereinigte Staaten
4 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 22. Oktober 2021

I've never found customer service online lately.
Given the many reviews, however, I thought it better still has many limits as an app. Accessori
16 tage mit der App
Vitals hat geantwortet 25. Oktober 2021

Hi there,

You're a valued customer and this isn't the experience we'd like you to have.

We missed your chat due to a huge volume of inbound chats and tried reaching out to you via email.

Hiccups with live chat are rare but can happen from time to time but we always respond to all our customers.

Please feel free to email our support back at or try our live chat again.

Again, thank you for being a part of our valuable Vitals community!


Bearbeitet am 1. März 2020

This app has a lot of potentials. Apart from the fact that it made our page speed a bit better, all its 40+ apps only have basic functions. I don't mind having 5 great apps with the smartest algorithms for the price. I see myself deleting this app once my plan ended because I am not totally satisfied. This app has product bundles and search app yet I had to go download a better search app and a better frequently bought app from the shopify store. Tell me why I should spend double just two have 2 apps working right?

Their search app has no auto correct and looks very flimsy.

Lami Fragrance
3 monate mit der App
Vitals hat geantwortet 21. Januar 2020

We value every review and opinion in order to improve our functionalities and cover as much needs as we can. Thank you!

7. Oktober 2019

I actually am a big fan of this app. However a lot of the functions dont display or dont display properly even if you follow their instructions. Customer Support is way to slow and you have to wait for days... Im loosing way to much time cause of this

Etwa ein monat mit der App
Vitals hat geantwortet 16. September 2020

Hi! Back when you contacted us we didn't provide customer support during the weekends. Now we're online 24/7 and all requests are answered lightning fast - in August 2020, for example, over 50% of all the messages were answered within 15 minutes and 98% within 3 hours:

Looking forward to see you back :)

5. August 2018

Sa a l'air de beaucoupr aider mais sa bug sa charge pas souvent quand on ouvre la page

La Java
Etwa ein monat mit der App
Vitals hat geantwortet 16. September 2020

Hi there! VITALS uses a complex mix of caching techniques that help your store to load lightning fast. Among them, the browser cache is designed to cache our script in your visitors' browsers and not download it again for every page view. After changing a setting in VITALS, you need to either refresh after waiting for ~ 10 seconds, or force refresh, or check the store in an incognito page. That's all you need to do! :)