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9 september 2020

I found this app quite complicated to set up and already faced an obstacle when i was setting up my first feature, it didnt show up on my site.

you cant choose what what you want to show up with frequently bought together for instance if you bought a you want to show c and d but you dont get to choose A.

the upsell seems not not exist also, it just has a button to tick, what are you ticking to.

lots of the apps that are including in the 40 or so benefits are actually freebies that can be downloaded individually and will work alot better.

there interface is so primitive and doesnt have much versatility and quite surprised that app has the rating it has.

i would rather pay lot more for something that works seamless rather than face problems on the first one and you have 39 other issues to face.

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3 dagen gebruiken de app
Vitals heeft geantwoord 16 september 2020

Hi there!

We're sorry that your first experience with Vitals was not delightful. Should you decide to give Vitals another chance, we're confident that you will be impressed by the progress we have made.

And please don't hesitate to contact our excellent customer support team for any custom theme specific issues you might encounter.

2 februari 2023

The features I wanted to use ended up looking clunky on my site. Wasn't possible to edit the Recently Viewed products to match my other featured collections and the Free Gift with purchase both just looked clunky. I was of course fine with this as it was a free trial and uninstalled. However the one star is because I just discovered it left code in my theme.liquid that was continually trying to load another script which is my main gripe.

Houseplant Supply
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Ongeveer 5 uur gebruiken de app
Vitals heeft geantwoord 27 februari 2023

(Note: Store is now inactive/closed)
Hello there!

We would like to set the correct expectations that once the Vitals app is uninstalled, we can no longer remove any kind of code added to your theme files. But rest assured that this code will not run any scripts at your store as the app is already uninstalled.

We also sent a detailed explanation about this in the emails that we sent your way. We can also ask permission from your store if you would like us to remove this leftover code immediately.