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5 de junho de 2023

Very helpful tech support! They also respond quickly and are able to solve my concerns so far. Great service.

Japanese-Online-Store (JOS)
5 de junho de 2023

So good and i love them so much. It have all Enthusiastic support staff. I had quick exchanges when I needed assistance. It's better to add a few more features

5 de junho de 2023

Thanks for the support Zeus R, John Seth, and Michael! Really helpful!
Always there to do the best possible resolution

8 Days Galore
Nova Zelândia
5 de junho de 2023

La mejor aplicación que he tenido para Shopify. Es muy completa y funciona genial pero sobretodo me gustaría destacar la atención al cliente 24/7 de máxima calidad.
Cada vez que he tenido un problema me lo han solucionado en un momento, siendo incluso cosas complicadas. Le doy un 10/10 a Jed que con su trabajo hace que sea más fácil el nuestro.

Puppies Beat
5 de junho de 2023

Best. App. Ever. You cannot go wrong with this app! It is incredibly simple to use, the customer support is the best I have ever encountered and the different app options are a must-have!
Love it! Thank you so much Team!!

5 de junho de 2023

I actually recommend it here the team support is awesome
Jet Explaining things normally and very helpful thank you Jed

The Arquad
Reino Unido
5 de junho de 2023

Every app set up perfect just how I wanted it to. I had an issue with the sticky add to cart at first but Jed from the support team was extremely quick to resolve the issue. Great App

Estados Unidos
5 de junho de 2023

Really good app had an issue couldn't figure out spent like hours trying to figure it out and then I decided to contact live support and figured out the issue in less than 5 minutes.

Estados Unidos
4 de junho de 2023

I had problems trying to figure out one of the issues I was running into, I messaged support and they fixed my issues almost instantly!

Estados Unidos
4 de junho de 2023

I've been using Vitals for several stores and everything is easy to work with and the support is extremely fast and thorough. No complaints to share right now!

Estados Unidos