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13 maj 2024

Vitals is a very useful tool to increase sales in the online store, its customer service is impeccable, really very efficient. I miss that it does not have visual editing tools, such as editing texts, size, colors, etc. If they are asked to do it, they are happy to do it, but it is always preferable to be able to do it yourself. Totally recommended VITALS.

Mer än ett år användning av appen
21 juni 2024

Help Center available basically 24/7, super cool guys

7 månader användning av appen
20 juni 2024

Its pretty good, I hope the team takes account my feedback then i would give it 5 stars,

Shop Mini Cleaners
3 månader användning av appen
3 maj 2024

Quite easy to use and very beneficial - The price point is too high for new stores though that's why I would say the rating is 4 instead of 5. Other than that it's pretty solid.

Two Aussies
22 dagar användning av appen
5 mars 2024

I love Vitals, it's awesome!
It has so many useful features that are improving my store by a lot! The support is great, always friendly and available to make any customization I desire. Well done!

I would give the Vitals app 5 stars if I didn't have to pay the full monthly price while still building my store. I would love the option of a 'Pause and Build Plan' like what Shopify offers. A 7-30 day trial just isn't long enough.

Hongkong SAR
5 månader användning av appen
17 juli 2024

The app works as advertised and is simple to use. The customer support team are very prompt

2 månader användning av appen
1 juli 2024

I don t like the choices that i have to make before using the application

Techni Tendresse
18 dagar användning av appen
6 maj 2024

Great app,the customer service can solve problem very fast!

23 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 11 april 2024

AFTER TAKING TIME TO slowly go thru and review the instructions and watch the videos, I find this app to be Very Good! ADDING UPSELLS WAS VERY EASY TO DO. It offers many apps and its an Excellent asset to my shopify store. There are still things I dont quite understand and Questions I need to ask, but im getting there. Thank you for reaching out to me and convincing me to give it another try. I truly apprieciate it. Thank You.

Buy Gifts 4 You by NX3
16 dagar användning av appen
11 maj 2024

Very informative for a business owner. It has everything you need to succeed

2 dagar användning av appen