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the support is useless. anything happens, they just ask me to uninstall another app. even a free app can help me when rewrite the code and they just me to basically uninstall all other apps.... and their function is very limited. seems like you have a lot of app, but none get the job done. this is the 1st time i give a bad review....

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Vitals已回复 2024年4月18日

Hi there!

Thank you for your feedback. Our app has a variety of functions that can be utilized depending on a store's needs. Keep in mind that conflicts with other Shopify apps might happen, as each app has its own way of doing things. We sent you a detailed email to clarify this immensely.


Why you charging my account?
I did only the free trial+ I have email from your support that you not gonna charge me and now i see that you want me to pay 30$ - I didnt used your App even not in the free Trial.
Please fix it - you charge me for nothing.
waiting for update
thank you

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Hier ist eine verbesserte und professionellere Formulierung Ihrer Aussage:

Ich habe die App bereits vor einiger Zeit deinstalliert, und dennoch versucht sie weiterhin, Zahlungen und zusätzliche Abrechnungszyklen zu fordern.

Swiss Montis
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Vitals已回复 2024年5月2日

Hi there!

Although we don't have direct control over the billing process, which is managed entirely by Shopify, we're always open to looking into and addressing valid refund requests.

We've also reached out to you via email regarding your concerns and the necessary follow-up actions.


there is no amazon review

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Vitals已回复 2024年1月8日

Hello there!

Due to content protection guidelines and their conditions of use, our app does not support importing reviews from this service. We also sent you an email containing the full details about this condition and recommended alternative procedures.


Need more design options?
you wrote this in the application, therefore, I turned to you, but you offer me what I already saw in the application (( extra nothing was offered to solve my "problem"

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Vitals已回复 2023年10月5日

(Note: Store is now inactive/closed)
Hi there!

This is clearly a misunderstanding. We currently have an email interaction where we've laid out different options for your consideration. It's been a pretty productive discussion so far and the app was properly working as expected on your store.

Thank you for your ongoing engagement and collaboration.


I rarely write reviews, but my experience with Vitals has compelled me to share my ordeal. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. I installed the Vitals app hoping to streamline my store's operations and enhance its features. Instead, I was met with a series of unfortunate events that have left me frustrated and regretful.

Firstly, after integrating the app, my store started experiencing glitches. Product images wouldn't load, the checkout process became a maze for my customers, and the site's speed dropped dramatically. It was as if I had unknowingly invited a digital tornado into my store.

But what truly added salt to the wound was their customer service. I reached out, hoping for a swift resolution, but was met with delayed responses and generic troubleshooting steps that seemed like they were pulled straight out of a beginner's manual. It was evident that their support team was either ill-equipped or simply indifferent to my plight.

After multiple back-and-forths, not only was my issue unresolved, but I also felt like I was being blamed for the problems their app introduced. The final straw was when they stopped responding altogether, leaving me to fend for myself.

I've since had to hire an external developer to fix the mess and restore my store to its former glory. The financial and time costs have been significant, not to mention the lost sales and frustrated customers.

In summary, if you value your store's functionality and your peace of mind, I'd strongly advise looking elsewhere. The Vitals app might promise an "all-in-one" solution, but in my experience, it delivered an "all-in-none" outcome.

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Good app with some features if you are using builder like page fly and you contact they support they wont help you they will send you link where there is not even your case and than after you tell them that that didnt work they dont give a ...

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Vitals已回复 2023年8月16日

(Note: Store is now inactive/closed)
Hi there,

We would like to clarify that due to the highly unique and custom code generated by these page builders, additional customizations are sometimes necessary for perfect integration.

We've previously sent you detailed emails explaining this process. To ensure smooth operation, please consider these tailor-made adjustments.


Fake! Die ziehen weiterhin Geld ab von meinem Bankkonto trotz Deinstallieren!! Finger weg.

Jomazon shop
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A horrible app that will keep charging you even after uninstalling it and now I have to apparently meet a damn word count which is again horrible

Starry Canyon
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Vitals已回复 2023年1月23日

(Note: Store is now inactive/closed)
Hello there! We would like to provide clarification about this feedback, as it is surely a misunderstanding.

We would like to set the correct expectation that Shopify fully handles all charges and subscriptions, and we do not have control on this process in any form. We also do not refuse processing of legitimate refunds as long as we are informed about them right away, no questions asked.


Support was not helpful. Refused to process a refund claiming that their refund system is down. I contacted shopify and they told me that isn't true. The app owner can process a refund at anytime.

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Vitals已回复 2022年8月10日

Hi there,

We would like to clarify this feedback, as it is surely a misunderstanding. We never refuse processing of legitimate refunds and we do have a generous 30-day money back policy, no questions asked.

However, last month Shopify updated the permission system that controls who can issue refunds, which led to an increase in turnaround time. We've already started a conversation with Shopify on this matter, to find a better solution.

We hope that you can see the status of the refund request on the emails that we have sent, together with a more detailed explanation of this unusual situation.