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Voice Connect

Voice Connect

Developed by VisionVoIP Communications Inc

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  • Allow buyers to easily get in touch with you
  • Let auto-attendant take care of your calls when your're busy
  • Give a big business impression

(To avoid toll fraud and possible high international calls costs, by default this app works only in the US and Canada, and partially in the UK and France. To activate it for other countries, please contact support@visionvoip.com)

Do you want to present your callers with a nice greeting message like, "Thank you for calling our main office. If you know your party's extension, enter it now, or press 1 for sales, 2 for customer service, 3 for support and 0 for receptionist".

Or you simply want your callers to click a button on your shop's home page and get connected to your phone number.

Then this is the app for you.

Powered by VisionVoIP's online PBX solution, Voice Connect is a commercial grade business phone system to connect shop visitors with shop owners at commercial level. This connection can be to the owner's cell phone, land line, toll-free line, or a PBX feature e.g. at auto-attendant/digital receptionist, an extension, a group of extensions, multiple phones, voicemail, etc.

Basic feature of this service is a simple click-to-call which allows shop visitors to click on a button on the store front, which asks for their phone number, and in return connects them with the shop owner.

Advance features include many great options, including setting up multiple extensions and directing incoming calls from the visitors to a digital receptionist, which will greet them and direct them to extensions, forwarded numbers, voicemail boxes, and so on.

In short, it is a complete business phone solution.

This also means you can also use it as a simple call center solution for your callers.

Once setup, you can also set it up to make outbound calls by using either computers based softphones or IP based VoIP phones and adapters.

You can also order virtual phone numbers from anywhere across North America and forward them to your local number. This means the callers don't have to know your physical location, and don't have to dial long distance numbers to reach you.

So this small app can be used both as a simple click-to-call solution or a complete business PBX system, right via your Shopify store front.


$4.99 per month plus usage cost.

For continental North America click-to-call usage 5 cents a minute. This comes to 100 minutes per 5 dollars.

To make regular phone calls within North America it is 2.5 cents per minute. This comes to 200 minutes per 5 dollars.

To accept calls from international customers charges will vary based on the destination.

2 days

Support & Sales

VisionVoIP Communications Inc
800 886 4715
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