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21. november 2019

Somehow it doesn't work with third party checkout like intercart. It will be great if I can have the option to select the method of injecting discount codes to checkout.

8 dage bruger appen svarede 7. januar 2022

Thank you for your feedback.
Our app works on API draft order logic, kindly contact us so we can check if the third-party app is integrable with ours.

1. december 2018

Product loading is slow, Maybe because my product is too much,Loaded for 20 minutes, has not finished loading

25 minutter bruger appen svarede 7. marts 2019

HI there,

Larger product catalogs do take longer to load. However, we've improved this significantly and a store with 10,000+ products can now, in most cases, complete the sync within 5-10 minutes.

Thank you.