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2 de noviembre de 2023

I would recommend it yet several months after it was set up, I noticed that the volume grid for the discount I created was no longer appearing on the product page. Customer support is very responsive. They resumed the discount but I had to ask them to fix the grid and they promptly corrected it.

H. Honeycup
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación respondió 5 de noviembre de 2023

Thank you for your recommendation, and we're glad to hear our customer support team was responsive and resolved the issue with your discount grid promptly. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we're committed to ensuring a seamless experience for our users. If you encounter any more issues or have further questions, please feel free to reach out.


3 de marzo de 2023

No hay información para desinstalar la aplicación.
Ni que plantillas, secciones y fragmentos se quedan creados en el código del theme y hay que borrar despues de la desinstalación.

Natvral Lavde® Cosmetics
3 meses usando la aplicación respondió 6 de marzo de 2023

Hey :-)

Thank you for the review and we apologize to hear about your experience with the app. We are checking on your concern and the team will get back to you to remove any app codes left over in the theme files.

Thank you!

15 de julio de 2019

I used this app to provide the means of showing a volume discount table to encourage more sales. The app is OK however, I had to get their technical support people to set up the app properly on the store, since it required better coding skills than mine to get it right. Response from Hulk has been very quick, responsive and very helpful.

vgfs Market
Reino Unido
Alrededor de 3 años usando la aplicación respondió 7 de enero de 2022

Thank you for taking the time to write us your feedback.
If you need any help with your app in the future feel free to contact us.

7 de agosto de 2020

Hi , why it tiered pricing table does not show up in the mobile version of the product page for free plan ?

Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación respondió 7 de enero de 2022

Hi there!
Thank you for your review.
If you are still experiencing this issue kindly contact our support team.

Fecha de modificación: 30 de septiembre de 2019

Para nuestra necesidades, es perfecta. Le falta poder elegir la tipografía para que se ajuste a nuestro diseño y que el descuento en el checkout pueda salir en español, al menos en la versión de pago. Corríjanlo, por favor.

Tangerine Wall
8 meses usando la aplicación respondió 27 de septiembre de 2019

Thank you for taking the time to review us! We are truly grateful!

Fecha de modificación: 7 de marzo de 2019

This app was great and worked well until two weeks ago. All of a sudden it stopped working. I have been emailing the support team with little to no response. Very frustrating. It has affected our online store immensely.

Update: After three weeks they were finally able to get the app working. When the app works it is excellent. When it went down, it took forever to repair. I am now concerned with the reliability if the app and the response time from the help desk. For now I am giving it another try. Hopefully that will be the end of my frustration.

Plastics Plus Ltd.
7 meses usando la aplicación respondió 7 de marzo de 2019

We are sorry that you are frustrated. A few weeks back, our app was experiencing an influx of users and we had some backlog on tickets. If you still want to give us a shot, please reach out and we'll make sure things are working perfectly for you.

Thank you.

25 de febrero de 2019

I've been using this app for months perfectly, then a few weeks ago there was an update. It adds the discount but when you go to checkout the discount is removed. This has resulted in emails from customers and lost sales. So I've been forced to uninstall and find something else.

Splashings of Fabric
Reino Unido
5 meses usando la aplicación respondió 7 de marzo de 2019

Hi there,

We are sorry for the issue you experienced. Some stores were impacted by the update if they made customizations to our script. We are happy to get this resolved for you if you still need us. Thank you.

Fecha de modificación: 14 de mayo de 2020

Hello guys,

thanks a lot. 5 Start wenn you tell as the follow thing: How can we customize the sentence "GET EACH PRODUCT ON 21.0 (-€47,88)" in checkout.

Thanks in advance

4 meses usando la aplicación respondió 14 de mayo de 2020

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. And, thank you for your feature request. We've conveyed this message to our Product Team. If our product team decides to implement this, we'll get in touch!
Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Fecha de modificación: 22 de marzo de 2019

REVIEW UPDATE: After leaving review they FINALLY after 4 days fix the problem. I will not be using this app as the problem it created isn't worth the lack of customer service contact until the review was left. I have updated my review from 1 star to 3 because app did work before they messed it up.

This app worked great but I wanted a different image for the discount and gave them a idea. They added that picture to ALL my items I have in the discount tiers. So the wrong prices were on the wrong items causing confusion and upset customers. I messaged multiple times and we are on day 4 and they still haven't fixed their mistake! I've had to refund orders and deal with angry customers for 4 days now because of this! So if you need any help GOOD LUCK! (I have learnt that the developers are based in INDIA (per service email) and not on a quick time line.)

Vinyl Supply Mart
Estados Unidos
30 días usando la aplicación respondió 22 de marzo de 2019

Hi there,

We hope you'll amend the review as it's not fair and let me explain why:
- First of all as you said the app works great :)
- Secondly, we love working with merchants FOR FREE and help provide unique customizations. As you know free work still costs us money and resources and we try our best to get this done asap.
- Thirdly, Our team is dispersed across the globe. I'm sending you an email from Chicago. Also, just because some of our team members are in India doesn't diminish the quality of their work and that we are all equal, regardless of where someone lives.
- Lastly, we get 100s of customization requests every day. We do our best to get things done on time for free and there is a queue which is the only fair way to make sure that we treat everyone equally.

I hope you'll amend your review. If not, we certainly understand but hope the above helps clarify the situation to the other 1000s of customers who do love us.



Fecha de modificación: 31 de enero de 2019

Your app is being buggy at the moment. It says: "NEXT STEPS?
You just need to click on Update, and app will automatically implement the new codes and take the backup of your old files. It's a 1-click process."
But... there's no way for me to Update.

Bubble Clay Beauty
Estados Unidos
27 días usando la aplicación respondió 7 de marzo de 2019

Hi There,

Some customers were experiencing a delay but this has been resolved. Please let us know if you have any further help.

Thank you.