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4 avril 2023

This app has allows me to add offers to customers without the added step of sending out discount codes to customers looking to make purchases for their groups.
Sanjay, helped me figure out the best way to set up the offers to meet my customer's needs and was very responsive!
A great app to assist my time-poor customer base.

4 jours d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 4 avril 2023

Hi there,

We are honored to know the app has met your needs. And thank you for recognizing Sanjay's amazing abilities!

Should you need anything, please do reach out at any time.

Best regards,

10 juillet 2023

Great support so far, and it is a really reasonable pricing as some app with similar function may charged by basic monthly fee and transaction fee depending the revenues generated by their app. We just installed and haven’t test if the discount function is stable enough, as we have used the similar app before which is really unstable. It can applied discount before checkout, but the discount didn’t work after clicking the checkout button. Hope the app doesn’t have this kind of problems.

R.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong
1 jour d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 11 juillet 2023

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that you're satisfied with our support and find our pricing reasonable. We understand your concern about the stability of the discount function, especially based on your previous experience with a similar app. Rest assured, we strive to provide a reliable and stable experience, and we've taken steps to ensure that the discount feature works smoothly.

If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.
We would be more than happy to assist.


Modifié le 3 juillet 2023

The support team is so bad. They ignore me when they can not fix the issue properly. There is no idea for me to use this app. The man who ignored me was Vatsal.

After this review, the expert came up. He help me solving the problem.Thank you very much.

one nova
11 mois d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 11 juillet 2023

We apologize for the negative experience you had with our support team, particularly with Vatsal. We take customer feedback seriously and will investigate this matter further to ensure it doesn't happen again.

And we're glad to hear that the expert was able to assist you and solve the problem. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make things right. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

We're here to help!

30 novembre 2022

Highly recommended. Easy to operate and set. The only problem is that the content is not rich enough, and there are too few customization places.The display style should be more diverse.

R.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong
14 jours d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 30 novembre 2022

Hi there :-)

Thank you so much for your feedback and we will surely check for the customizations you need so we can help you with it.

Best regards,

14 juillet 2022

this app has helped build our online store and the live chat for help has assisted us immensely. I would recommend.

Synergy massage & spa
Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 14 juillet 2022

Hi there :-)

Thank you for the lovely review. Please feel free to write us back if needed any further assistance.


22 juin 2022

The VolumeBoost App goes between 5* and 2*. It can work beautifully for months... and then something happens. Latest issue was that customers tagged as trade received the right discount messages... but the wrong discount actually applied. Very annoying and most likely lost sales and a number of "I did not get the right discount".. with following apologies and refunds admin from our side. Credit to HulkApps (and they act with urgency) they put their developers on the issue and resolved the issue overnight... but I have not idea how many customer have come in and expected another discount and then left because they could not be bothered to raise the issue. More testing and quality assurance anf then we can maybe come back to 5 stars. Will review again in 6 months. Foe people who looked at the app in the past - please note that more customising features have been added.

SNS Cocktails
Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 22 juin 2022

Hi there :-)

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We have fixed the issue and we will definitely make sure such an issue will not occur in the future. We roll out proper QA before making any improvements and implementing the new feature in the App.

Hope these changes will definitely be loved by the merchants like you and we look forward to gaining your trust to be completely satisfied with the App.

Should you have any queries or concerns please feel to write us back.

Best regards,

Modifié le 8 août 2022

We used the app for our bundle discounts. Really like how it gives us the option to be variant specific with our discounts. It would be nice if it didn't lag and refresh while the discount is applying by our customers, and if the discount code box didn't disappear randomly. It confuses our customers and we get a lot of support emails because of it. All in all, the app does what it's supposed to do, but it has some issues that make it confusing for our customers. PS: The customer support is really good. They care, they're knowledgeable, and they're fast to respond.

BRANWYN | Performance Innerwear
Plus de 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 21 juin 2022

Thank you so much for your review and we apologize for the inconvenience of the App load.

We will check on your concern and update the best we can do here.

Thank you!

17 juin 2022

I like this app but I wish you could manage the discounts directly from the product page on the Shopify backend. I tried the manual installation but that didn't work. I reached out to support and they were able to quickly solve the problem.

Citadel Packaging Company
Environ un an d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 21 juin 2022

Hello :-)

Thank you so much for your review and glad the support helped you with your concern.

We have introduced the feature to edit the offer directly from the product page. Let us help you to share more details on it. Looking forward to serving you with the best possible resources and features we can.

Thank you!

19 août 2022

I used this app to apply discounts on my store. It gives you a number of options of types of discount which gives you flexibility when trying to increase sale. I did have an issue on where my discount was applied on my store but the Volumeboost team sorted that out very quickly

4 mois d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 21 août 2022

Hey :-)

We are glad to help you out and happy to hear you have liked the App features and our support services.

Please do not hesitate to write us back if needed any further assistance.


Modifié le 9 juillet 2022

Estoy muy satisfecha con la aplicación, era lo que estaba buscando! El apoyo del servicio al cliente es muy bueno, son muy amables y eficientes.

Guate Creativa
Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application a répondu 21 juin 2022

Hello :-)

We are glad to hear that you are very satisfied with the App and support service. It means a lot to us.

Please do not hesitate to write us back if you need any further assistance.

Best regards,