Volume & Tiered Discounts

Volume & Tiered Discounts

by HulkApps.com

Volume Discount, Quantity Breaks & Discounted Pricing Rule App

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Axon Labs

I tried this app to try and get multiple % based discounts on my products. Doesn't work tested it multiple times.


1 STAR IS ONE STAR TOO MANY. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THESE COWBOYS!!!! Unless of course you want to experience the same as I did:

Installed app. Followed instructions. App didn't appear. Mailed support. Support replied saying app was ok now. Checked. Ok it displays. Then I got an email saying they have deleted my Buy Now button from my product page because it was conflicting, and also removed the coupon box from my cart page! All of this was without my permission, they just did it. I told them it wasn't the best solution but I'd try it out, and they replied saying 'yes it's fine.' I had to change the 'Add to Cart' button to 'Buy Now' (which still functioned as an 'Add to Cart' button, so made the site look unprofessional)

A week or two later I decided to use Shopify discounts as it was easier, more reliable and didn't involve losing my 'Buy Now' button, so I emailed these cowboys to restore everything they had done before I deleted the app. I got up this morning to find they had not only RESTORED the app (giving anyone who bought an EXTRA discount!) but they told me AGAIN about the conflicts and basically said 'you're welcome everything is fine!!!' It gets better...

Next I emailed again giving them step-by-step instructions as to what to restore so I could delete the app. They got back quickly saying it was all sorted, so I checked. They had't restored the Buy Now button, they hadn't restored the Coupon box, but they did manage to remove the checkout button from the checkout page!!!! So as things stand now NOBODY CAN BUY ANYTHING FROM MY STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! But hey they still emailed to tell me I was welcome!!!!!!!!!!

This is still unresolved. I can't make out if it's all one big practical joke or not?!!!!!! DO NOT TOUCH THESE IDIOTS THEY WILL RUIN YOUR STORE!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry, have to vote down my inicial rating. This plugin destroyed my shoppify store and cannot be uninstalled completely. It interacted badly with another app. Support tried to help in the beginning but gave up. No reactions anymore. So one star for the app and one star for the support. Really dissapointed.

cardboard mailing shipping tubes

I used this app for make a quantity discount of a product. But it not show the offer table on the product page. Very disappointed.


Tried Several times and does not show the discounts. It's a shame, app used to work well last year when i used it now just charges you in order to make it work. Heard it slows down checkout which in turn will slow down sales. Be careful

Pajarolimon jewerly

Worst customer support ever. I've been asking for support from the 6th of september and still no reply and the app doesn't work. I don't recommend it.


Completely useless. Doesn't show the discounts table. They force you to pay to achieve something, but I already got tired of trying.


Support doesn't exist and the tiered discounts only work for one quantity option not for any other quantity


broke my theme after uninstalling it. and very very slow response to support requests. No one is able to shop through my website now. since this broke the checkout process. And I have yet to hear back from them.


This app has got worse and worse since more users are using it. This app relies on api calls to their own servers, which slows down your checkout. As of today, their server is down, with a 503 error showing in my shopify apps admin section, and a greyed out 'add to cart' button on my website cart page, meaning no-one can purchase from my store. Ive had to roll back my theme 6 months to get rid of their code as an uninstall does not fix this issue. The developers behind this take days to respond to tickets.

Be aware that installing this app means that your cart will be slower and that if any issues arise your cart button will not work. I guess this is the price you pay for using a free app!

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