Amigo Quantity Breaks Discount

Amigo Quantity Breaks Discount

par JoboApps

Quantity Breaks, Tiered/Bulk Discount and Volume Discounts

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Quick And Easy Setup

Easy-to-use app configuration and clean design, apply quantity discounts in seconds

Quantity Breaks Price

Show prices based on quantities with discounts to sell products in bulk, Automatically set max quantity discount

Multiple Offer Table Layouts

The amigo volume discount app shows the 4 types of table layout to show the tiered prices on the product detail page

À propos de Amigo Quantity Breaks Discount

The Amigo quantity breaks discount app helps you create any type of volume discounts, percentage discounts, tiered discounts for your products. The app offers discounts based on the quantity of products in a fixed amount or percentage. Create bulk price offers and increase your sales. Amigo quantity breaks discount app based on product, product type, collection, product variants and vendor.

The Amigo quantity breaks discount app allows you to create different price levels for products based on the amount a customer purchases. You can set a rule for the products, collections, product type, vendor and variant.

Display the price discount table on the product page.

Quantity range based pricing discount(Example: Buy 3 to 7 quantities and get a 10% discount, buy 8 to 12 quantities and get a 20% discount)

You can display the maximum and minimum amount in the offer table.


  • Quantity 1 to 5 = $10 Discount or 10% discount
  • Quantity 5 to 10 = $15 Discount or 15% discount
  • Quantity 15 and more = $20 Discount or 20% discount


  • Set discount percentage
  • Create unlimited discount
  • Offer table fully customization
  • Offer list
  • Sync products
  • Offer table position
  • Offer table text translations
  • Support most themes
  • Provide export install
  • Automatic install
  • Offer table color and font size settings
  • Show discount savings bar on cart page
  • Show reminder message on cart page
  • Show discount on cart page
  • Four types of offer table layouts
  • Responsive table layout
  • Apply offer to products, collections, product type, product variants and vendor
  • Show tier pricing in the cart page with discounted price
  • Show the offer table on the product page
  • Custom CSS

Assistance service.

If you have any questions and need help configuring the app, do not hesitate to contact us, just send us an email and we will help you with any problem related to our app.

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  • Quantity Based Discount
  • Percent Discount
  • Fixed Price Discount
  • 4 Table Layouts

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4.4 de 5 étoiles

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Avis les plus récents


Super easy to manage all the discount rates for multiple products, had a delay with customer service due to a public holiday but as soon as they went back to work they fixed my issue right away.

Tote Bags in Bulk

Big deal for our sites' reputation: The math of the discounted item price was wrong on the cart. I have observed it was adding 12 cents out of nowhere. (if your items cost less than a dollar and if you sell items in high quantities like 500 or 1000)

Not a big deal: cannot make the word "off" lowercase on the cart page, because its hard coded its not a custom variable.

It will be an acceptable app after they fix the math for the item discount in cart; will be the greatest volume discount app after they add the Per Item Price column to the discount table (the one that is displayed on product page)

Laced Shoe Inc

The customer service is excellent. They responded promptly to my emails when I had an issue. The app is simple to use.