Easy Listing Builder - add products in an intuitive manner

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Easy to Use

Select fields to create products. Add tabs, tech specs, a size chart with little or no difficulty every time while creating a description.

Metafield Import

Add additional properties to a product/product variant using Metafields when creating a new product.

Process Automation

Import dropshipping products from Aliexpress and Shopify stores in one click.

Vostari 정보


The Vostari APP is an easy listing builder for dropshipping, based on a lot of experiences of adding products to Shopify stores. It was designed to provide merchants an alternative method of copying supplier product's data to Shopify. Our goal was to make this process as simple and convenient as possible.


  • WYSIWYG HTML editor. Support for all rich-text features, including tables or media.
  • Easily create tabs, tech specs, size chart without coding.
  • Added the autocomplete mode which allows the app to predict the value. When a user starts to type in a field, the app will display options to fill out the field, based on earlier typed values.
  • Automate adding tags to products and generating unique SKU for product variants.
  • Available uploading images from both a remote web location and a local storage device.
  • Each separate product can be added at once to several custom collections which will be created automatically if not exist.
  • Checking for duplicates.
  • Extend the product and/or product variant properties with metafields. Where used: 1) Short product description; 2) Block of text about the brand; 3) Shipping and Delivery info; 4) FAQs; 5) Up-sell, cross-sell products, etc. Note: You should be familiar with Liquid since to output metafields on your storefront you must modify the theme code and/or create and add a related custom product template into your store theme.
  • Default setting for the following fields: Weight Unit, Fulfillment Method, Inventory Management, Inventory Policy, Required Shipping, Published, Taxable.
  • Added One-Click upload from Shopify, Aliexpress, RainbowShops stores as the separate module.
  • You can set up inventory quantities to multiple locations (depending on your Shopify plan) such as retail stores, warehouses, dropshippers, or any other place where you manage or stock inventory.
  • Add the Cost per Item to each product variant that you sell to track your profit.

Instant Start

  • Select the fields you need to create a product description (Show Disabled Fields checkbox).
  • A product will be added into a store after all required fields are filled out and the "Import Product" button is clicked.
  • To add a variant when you're creating a product, at least, fill out the required fields for product options, such as Color, Size, and click the "Add Variant" button.
  • The required field may be left blank by typing two or more spaces (except for Product Title and Product Options fields for a product with variants).
  • To set up the fulfillment method that differs from the "manual" you should connect the fulfillment service(s) and if required activate them in your Shopify admin.
  • Set locations to where you manage or stock your inventory via your Shopify admin.

미디어 갤러리


  • 개인정보처리방침
  • support@vostari.com


Restricted Access

무료 설치

A free trial full access for 7 days

  • Simple Products
  • Building the tabs, tech specs, size chart without coding

Full Access


Only paying to use, no fixed monthly fee

  • Everything in Restricted Access
  • Products With Variants
  • Adding Product/Variant Metafields
  • Auto Creating Custom Collections
  • One-Click Upload

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