VP Ship

VP Ship

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Draw shipping locations and set up prices for delivery areas

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Multiple Shippings per area

You can configure multiple shipping prices per area. Ex: Delivery Normal - $10 Fast - $15 Super Fast - 25

Mutiple Currency per area

You may set shipping prices in major world currencies.

Excluding area inside another

You can exclude a small portion of area in large area by adding exclusion area to delivery area

Sobre VP Ship

VP Ship lets you draw your custom delivery areas and custom exclusion areas in Google Map with a few clicks and set up shipping prices depending upon the geographical location.


  • Draw Shipping Areas on the map
  • Exclusion Areas - Areas where there is no delivery can be drawn. A part of the Shipping area already customized can be excluded.
  • Multiple Shipping Prices per area. This is useful if you have different shipping options like Normal, Fast, Super Fast Delivery with different shipping prices
  • Multiple Currency per area
  • Delivery Business Days
  • Free Shipping if threshold reached
  • Restrict area with minimum order amount

Shopify plan requirements

You will need a Shopify store that has third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates enabled. This feature is included on stores using the Advanced Shopify plan or higher.

It can also be added to any Shopify plan for a fee, or for free if you pay your plan annually. If you are unsure if you have this feature or need to add it please contact Shopify support.

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  • Política de privacidade
  • support@visitorsproof.com




  • 1 Shipping Area
  • 1 Exclusion Area
  • 10 Orders per month
  • 1 Shipping Price per area
  • Single Currency



  • 5 Shipping Areas
  • 5 Exclusion Areas
  • 500 Orders per month
  • 5 Shipping Prices per area
  • Single Currency



  • 10 Shipping Areas
  • 10 Exclusion Areas
  • 1000 Orders per month
  • 10 Shipping Prices per area
  • Multiple Currency



  • 50 Shipping Areas
  • 50 Exclusion Areas
  • 10000 Orders per month
  • 25 Shipping Prices per area
  • Multiple Currency

* Todas as cobranças são faturadas em USD.
** As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

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