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Voodoo SMS


Notify your customers of their order status' via SMS

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关于 Voodoo SMS

Send notifications to your customers via SMS

What this extension does

This extension will allow you to set up notifications for different points of the shipping process when someone buys an item from you.

For example, after an order has been marked as paid or shipped, the customer can receive a notification via SMS that lets them know the status of their order without having to login to check.


You can receive an SMS when any of these triggers have been hit

  • When an order has been placed
  • When an order has been paid
  • When an order has been cancelled
  • When an order has been fulfilled
  • When a cart has been abandoned
  • When a refund has been requested
  • When an order has been deleted


  • Send SMS to customers on each new order status
  • The SMS can be seen by consumers as your brand name
  • Full reporting on each SMS sent
  • Full Unicode and Emoji support
  • A full UK support and account management team




可能收取 外部费用。这些费用由外部提供商收取,不会显示在您的 Shopify 发票上。


3.7 评分

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Airlock 9

Totally useless!!

Not only am I unable to create an account with Voodoo, which you need in order to retrieve API credentials so the the app can be installed - I can't even send them a message using the contact link from the apps admin page of my store!

Is it just my Firefox browser that won't display the "Captcha" boxes that I believe is the issue?

The Portuguese Bakery

I cant use it but I would loveeeeeeee to please make it available in the US


All good - no issues at all. Simply install and you're off!