WAFFLE — Comparison Grid

WAFFLE — Comparison Grid

作成: Ultra Click

Side-by-side product comparison to put anywhere on your store


Simplify Purchase Decisions

By comparing products side-by-side, you're helping customers buy with confidence knowing they picked the product that’s right for them.

Editorial Style Product Review

Content with a magazine-like editorial feel. Let your customers see your short-listed recommendations so that the best products stand out.

Increase Customer Confidence

Use on product pages to compare variants or in collections to compare best sellers. Highlight differences between often confused details.

WAFFLE — Comparison Gridの詳細情報

Boost Customer Confidence and Increase Sales

Creating side-by-side product comparisons within minutes, you can improve customer experience on your store. This app is perfect for large inventories that have many variants or catalogs of any size that have technical specifications. Show customers your knowledge and authority by letting them see that you have exactly the product for them.

Seamlessly Integrates with Any Theme

Match your existing theme without needing to change any settings. All information included in the Waffle Product Comparison Grid comes directly from your product pages. If you update your product pages, your existing grids will update - no need to go back and select the updated settings. What customers see in the grid and what’s on the product page will always be consistent.

Simple Set Up - No Code Required - No Developer Needed to Get Started

The Waffle Grid is ready to work with any theme without needing to get into the code. With one click, you’ll be ready to start building your first grid. Your products will automatically be available after installation and you can start choosing what you want to compare. Get started without any technical experience. Quickly add comparison grids to: - Product Pages - Blog Posts - Any section on your homepage or any other page

Support is Always Available

We’re store owners so we understand how frustrating it can be when support isn’t available. That’s why we have a dedicated support team. We’re here to support your business.

Key Features

  • Fast CDN-based performance
  • Auto styling to match your theme
  • Place your grid on any page in any section (homepage/blog post/landing page) with 1 click - copy & paste
  • Concierge setup


The number of customers using mobile devices continues to increase. The grid adapts to mobile and seamlessly adjusts with your theme depending so your comparison grids will look great on any device.

Why We Built Waffle: Product Comparison Grid

Seeing how powerful editorial review sites impacted customer buying decisions, we wanted to incorporate a similar philosophy for our own Shopify stores with large inventories. We tested manually building HTML tables into blog posts to see if we could better educate customers and it worked! The products included in the grids started to sell with fewer questions directed to customer service. We tested doing the same on a Shopify store with a small catalog of products to help people see which product would be right for them; our conversion rate improved! So we built an app for Shopify owners that would provide the same features without needing any coding. We're always eager to hear your thoughts, reviews and suggestions.



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