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5 mei 2023

Wow! The customer service is incredible. I had difficulty beginning the integration and he walked me through step by step. I used a different app previously and it just didn't work for me, but this has all the bells and whistles I am looking for. To me one of the most important things is being able to speak with someone to get help and this fits the bill.

Jammin Threads
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20 juni 2022

I received very helpful and quick support via the Live Chat. Swift in answering and dealing with the questions I had.

Allure Bath Fashions
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12 juni 2023

Great work!
Quickly was able to integrate products onto walmart in record time.
Much appreciated learning, helping guidance and troubleshooting to keep business moving forward.
I signed up for the help plan an advertising services too... im sure it is as good as the set.
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3 maart 2023

very helpful - he was extremely helpful and knowledgable in setting up the walmart account . xxxxxxxxxx
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13 december 2019

I am pleasantly surprised and impressed by the application, I would love to us all the other apps as well which are developed by CEDCOMMERCE. This app is definitely among the top apps out there in the market. It has a great functioning mechanism and smooth flow of products from Shopify to Walmart and orders from Walmart to Shopify. The app meets all the expectations and works the same as mentioned on Shopify App store.

The pain points of Walmart sellers are Unpublished products and managing inventory, price and product data via spect file and this app provides the solution for all those problems.

This app is great and works great. We were looking for the management of our products on Walmart and this application made it very easy for us to do that. It offers excellent features such as product upload, promotional Price, Custom product price changes, automatic product synchronization, and more. It helped me promote my products on the Walmart marketplace as well.
I am looking forward to working with cedcommerce in the future !!

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Bewerkt 12 juli 2020

Working with Adeeba has been a TOTAL PLEASURE!! EXTREMELY helpful
in all aspects of customer care. Great person to have helping you when you don't know what you are doing!! THANK YOU!!

ADS Has Solutions LLC
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Bewerkt 22 juli 2020

Easy integration. The app was quick and painless to set up. Any questions we did run into about the app or even Walmart Marketplace, the CEDCommerce team was right there supporting us every step of the way, from pre-installation inquiries to aftersale support.

We were moving on to Walmart Marketplace for the first time so we definitely had a lot of things to learn. To this day, they are still answering all of our questions promptly. I feel like they are on hand 24/7 and we have a dedicated team always assisting us. Thanks, Hrithik and the rest of CEDcommerce team.

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10 juni 2024

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16 januari 2024

Redhot Distributors
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