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Celebrate Vitamins

When using this app to submit products i only receive feed errors with no defined field. The error i receive is Error type = Data Error | Error message = Exceeded maximum allowed characters for this field. In the app this message shows under the product / variant name. I have opened multiple tickets and have not received a response on any ticket (Started first ticket a week ago). Hopefully Walmart will respond to this message so i can get this working.

Developer reply

June 30, 2020

Hi, Celebrate Vitamins. Thank you for the review. I have engaged with support on your issue and we reviewed your case specifically, you should be receiving a response shortly. This issue is important to us and we are currently working on a fix. At this time, to identify the exact field that is in error, you will have to work through Seller Center. The item ingestion report, in Seller Center, will tell you the field that has too many characters, or characters that should be numbers instead of variable characters. I do see action being taken on your support case. Please look for more instruction there. Thank you for your interest in joining the Walmart Marketplace.

Barkley's Pup Store

This app is a pain from the beginning. I want to move my Walmart-Shopify integration from Sellbrite to this app to simplify things and save a $20/month fee from Sellbrite. It keeps telling me that a UPC code has a minimum of 12 characters, yet my Sellbrite integration and Walmart Marketplace listings work perfectly fine with 8 characters for the UPC. Does anyone have a solution to this? I really want to use this app and not have a "middle-man" service to integrate these two networks.

Developer reply

June 30, 2020

Hi Barkley's - Thanks for the review. The issue you are running into, can be fixed buy adding four zeroes to the front of the UPC. The issue being that UPC-E, only has 8 digits, while UPC-A has 12. Sellbrite, most likely is adding these leading zeroes on your behalf. We will look to integrate this functionality on a future sprint. Thank you for bringing to our attention, and thank you for your interest in selling on the Walmart marketplace.

Magick Planet

There's no way for this app to add the barcodes for the items automatically. It's asking for us to upload 17,000 barcodes which are already in Shopify.

We also cant adjust the free shipping which is insanity.

Developer reply

June 24, 2020

Hello Magick Planet –
Thanks for the review and your interest in joining the Walmart Marketplace.

You can bulk import the information that is housed in the Shopify Barcode field to our catalog by selecting one or more items in the bulk editor, and then clicking “Import barcodes”. We are going to be publishing about this on shortly.

Also we have support available for you, should you still need it.



I have been using the Cedcommerce app and have many listings already on Walmart. How to I convert from the Cedcommerce app to the Walmart Sales Channel? Why is there no option to connect our existing listings on to our products in Shopify within the Walmart Sales Channel?

Developer reply

June 24, 2020

Hello PartMart – The issue with converting from the CEDcommerce app is a bit nuanced. From what we have seen, to accomplish your goal of changing between the apps, you must manually change the SKU that was assigned to all your Walmart inventory. If your Walmart SKU starts with “ced-“ then you must change that to match what is in your Shopify store. If you open a support case with us, we can discuss in more detail. Thanks for the review. Whether on the CED app or our own, we are thrilled to have you as a merchant on the Walmart Marketplace.

Patch Collection

Needs shipping overwrite for "VALUE" shipping. Everything is set to free. Needs Price overwrite as well. It takes the price from our online store without letting us adjust the pricing for Walmart.

Wine Cooler Experts

We have notifications the products were uploaded but we are not able to complete the marketplace setup to get log in information.


I have seen a plethora of issues since the Shopify/WMA integration to the set up of the Walmart Seller Center account. Since it's a new app, I understand the bugs that come with it; however, it has been extremely challenging to update or utilize in the WMA in Shopify to make any edits since majority of the features are not available or don't work. I would recommend anyone considering to integrate this app to hold off until majority of the bugs are fixed.

1) Logging into the WMA in Shopify continuously render the following errors: {"statusCode":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"An internal server error occurred"} AND This page contains the following errors: error on line 1 at column 15: String not started expecting ' or " Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

These issues have seem to go away after numerous escalations.

2) Our listings in WMA show as published and our Walmart Seller Center account has the green "Active" status; however; the listings in the native Walmart platform was still in Stage status and not serving.

It took a couple of tickets to resolve.

3) The WMA bulk editor in Shopify doesn't have an empty field to enter or assign variants to each listing or multiple listings at once. Thus, the active listings don't have the appropriate drop down for patterns or sizing to choose from. They show up as unique listings which can deter prospects from converting if they cannot choose the correct pattern/size.

I attempted a bulk upload in the Walmart native platform to fix this; however, instructions for upload are not clear and my changes didn't take. I'm still awaiting response back and hope I don't have to manually update hundreds of listings individually.

4) There isn't an option in the WMA bulk editor tool to add SEO keywords. I was told by team that our listings don't appear on b/c we don't have any keywords set up. At the moment, I'm attempting a bulk upload in the native platform.

5) The communication between a order > our Walmart Seller Center account > Shopify/WMA > Shipstation is a one way communication. When our shipping team shipped the product, Shopify received the tracking/fulfilled confirmation from Shipstation yet the info from Shopify doesn't pass back to our Walmart Seller Center native platform. Currently, it is manual acknowledgment of the order and you have to manually enter tracking and carrier info for the customer to receive an email that our product has shipped. We didn't know until a day later b/c the Seller Center account still shows it as an open order and not shipped when we shipped it 24 hrs ago. This is concerning and need to be fixed.

Engineering is aware of the issue and it's currently on their "fix list".

5) There are no help articles specifically for folks using this app or knowledge base to explain how to use features in the WMA. I continually pulled Walmart's help pages however they didn't help me with making bulk edits in the app. They are working on this.

A few of the above issues are still continued issues. I thought that having a centralized management system will make everything streamlined and easy to track orders and sales revenue between platforms and make bulk edits in the app without going to the native platform for updates, but it definitely hasn't been a pleasant experience. I would recommend waiting for bugs to be fixed before jumping in as it has taken me 2 months to deal with.

The only positive thing was Fa from the Walmart Product Team was a joy to work with.

Developer reply

June 19, 2020

Thank you, Protalus, for the thoughtful review of the application. We are committed to improving your experience. As one of our original beta sellers your feedback was and will continue to be necessary in this process. We will reach out to you directly to address these concerns.


OMG. This is the hottest of messes. So I started to upload products on Walmart after HOURS of working on an excel sheet after speaking to one of their reps on the phone multiple times. Was getting multiple errors, finally went "Live" and then all my products appeared on the Walmart tab on Shopify. WHAT!?!?!? Why did I go through hell with that Excel sheet just so things could appear on Shopify AFTER I went live (you have to upload your inventory on Walmart to go live). Hours wasted. Then nothing is appearing live on Walmart, after I press to go live and nothing appears live on Shopify. I publish on item on Shopify to Amazon where it is asking for things I already entered and nothing is happening. Nothing is live. This is the HOTTEST OF MESSES- Walmart, don't quit your day job.

Developer reply

June 19, 2020

Hello, Colornoir. Thanks for the review. It looks like we had some miscommunications between your onboarding preference, and whether you were going to integrate via this application or use Seller Center directly. I am sorry that happened, but it looks like you were successful in taking your offers live. Congratulations, we are happy to have you join our marketplace. For any outstanding issues, please do not hesitate to open a seller support case. We are happy to help. Here is a link to some support materials for maximizing your efforts with the Walmart Marketplace Application, which also shows you how to open that support case.

Charmed Creations LLC

Seriously? We have to have 25 of each item available to add product to Walmart? Why are inventory controls not in place? Sell one on walmart = automatic adjustment to stock on shopify. I carry a lot of stock but 25 of EVERYTHING? I've had my walmart shop for several years and could add just one if I wanted which could still result in an oversell if that is the only one I have and if its listed on other venues. I see the response to my review and have a suggestion....perhaps its possible to work with shopify to allow sellers to split their inventory to different venues that are linked....X to ebay, X to amazon, X to shopify, X to walmart. I work very closely with my vendors and distributors and if necessary, can get more product overnighted. Additionally, shopify owners set their handling times so if I sell completely out of a product on walmart, I will ship those walmart orders while the website orders take a few extra days to process while inventory is restocked. You are asking for a lot, unless you want drop shippers. Most of us are working from our home and 25 of all items is a very very high expectation for most. I sell jewelry, teeny tiny items so I have room but what about everyone else? Its frustrating when venues limit seller potential. I understand buyer expectation. I've been a full time power seller on ebay for 12 years with 100% feedback and 60k orders processed on that venue alone.

Developer reply

June 19, 2020

Hi Charmed Creations LLC. Thanks for taking the time to review the Walmart Marketplace Application. Please understand that currently this inventory floor is in place to ensure that you do not oversell during any gap in the inventory sync, which happens every 6 minutes. An oversell would cause a negative experience for our shared customers and we want to avoid this when possible. We plan to review these limits regularly and will communicate any updates to all WMA users


This app doesn't connect to existing account. It only works IF you want to start up a "NEW" Walmart marketplace account. Even with that, good luck at getting to work because it still doesn't connect to an existing account. That is the weird part about this app, it just doesn't work!

Developer reply

June 19, 2020

Hello, acumendisc.

Please create a seller support case and we can work through these connectivity issues together. This app was designed for both new and existing sellers to connect to their Shopify store.

This link will take you to Walmart Marketplace, Shopify support materials and also links to our “Get Support” wizard.

Thanks very much!